vivo X60 Pro review

In June 2020, the new vivo X50 Pro adopted the innovative micro-panel design for the first time, bringing the anti-shake of mobile phones into a new era. Vivo X60 Pro is not only upgraded to the second-generation micro-head, the imaging system is also blessed by Zeiss optics, and the performance of the imaging system is raised to a new level.

In addition, the new vivo X60 Pro also has major upgrades in performance, screen and other core configurations: the first Samsung 5nm process Exynos 1080 SoC, the first second-generation vivo micro-panel technology, the first vivo and Zeiss joint imaging system ; And the past weakness of vivo mobile phone has finally been added two layers of armor by OriginOS.

Vivo X60 Pro has two color schemes available this time, namely “The Force” and “Hua Cai”. This one we have is naturally the most beautiful “Hua Cai” color. The color scheme of this back cover is indeed very eye-catching. It expresses the brilliant colors that when the sun rises, everything awakens, the water and sky intersect, the silver light on the water surface, the blue sky in the sky and the pink pink of the morning glow.

The vivo X60 Pro has a brilliant diffuse reflection effect under different angles of light. In particular, the satin AG process this time gave it a mysterious sense of haziness, and made the diffuse reflection effect of the colorful color matching better performance.

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The vivo X60 Pro is equipped with a 6.56-inch curved AMOLED curved screen. This screen uses a centered hole design, and the small aperture of 3.96mm has little effect on vision. The center digging design is more symmetrical, and the selfie experience will be better.

The upper and lower borders of the screen are very narrow, and the curved screen design can effectively reduce the visual impact of the left and right borders. The screen has a very wide field of view, with a screen-to-body ratio of 92.7%.

The micro-curved screen is relatively smooth for the gesture operation of sliding back, which is popular in Android phones. Moreover, the front and back sides are all glass curved surfaces, so the whole machine feels very round and comfortable. The micro-curved surface also makes the mobile phone screen longer and narrower, making it easy to operate with one hand.

Compared with the previous generation, the screen specifications of the vivo X60 Pro have been greatly upgraded. This screen supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 240Hz. The screen resolution is 2376×1080, covering 100% DCI-P3 color gamut.

The screen of the vivo X60 Pro uses E3 luminescent material, with an excitation brightness of 800nit and a peak brightness of 1300nit, so you don’t have to worry about using it in the sun. The overall screen specifications are relatively high, which can bring a very smooth and excellent display effect.

The appearance of vivo X60 Pro continues the style of the previous generation. The appearance of the rear camera module still uses a stepped design. The layered structure solves the heavy feeling of the ultra-stable micro-head and the main camera. This design can reduce the camera. The bulging sense of abruptness, at the same time, does not produce too much sense of rejection when the hand touches the lens part, and the overall look is orderly and elegant.

The main camera is still the design of the big eye micro-head, but this time it is upgraded to version 2.0. Below is a 2x telephoto portrait lens and an ultra-wide-angle (macro) lens. There is also a 5x optical telephoto periscope at the bottom. Camera. Next to the periscope camera, there is also the familiar Zeiss small blue label, with a strong German flavor overflowing.

Although the overall design on the back of the fuselage is similar to the previous generation, the vivo X60 Pro has added the very eye-catching “ZEISS” Logo to the rear camera module, which greatly improves the recognition. With the support of the Zeiss Logo, it represents the strength of this mobile phone imaging system.

The front and back of the vivo X60 Pro fuselage are designed with curved surfaces, which are naturally transitioned with the middle frame, which can provide a rounded grip; the back of the entire phone adopts the latest “satin AG technology”, which is compared with the traditional AG matte Craftsmanship, this time X60 Pro is different from other AG craft mobile phones both visually and in terms of feel.

Especially in terms of hand feel, the satin AG process makes X60 Pro feel as delicate and smooth as touching satin. With the low-key “Force” color scheme, it is not easy to stain fingerprints and scratches. Please rest assured to use it when streaking.

Thin and light is a highlight of the vivo X60 Pro. The body size of the vivo X60 Pro is 158.5773.247.59mmmm and weighs 178g. Such specifications are already very thin and light in the 5G era, better than most mainstream 5G flagship phones. And the X60 Pro also has a 4200 mAh battery, without sacrificing power in exchange for a thin and light feel.

In the details part, the bottom of the vivo X60 Pro is equipped with a Type-C interface, and the 3.5mm headphone jack is eliminated. However, the Type-C interface earphones are included with it, so there is no need to worry about the incompatibility of the mobile phone earphone interface. vivo X60 Pro supports on-screen fingerprint recognition, fast unlocking speed, and excellent actual experience.

Vivo X60 Pro has upgraded the imaging system. The rear camera is 48 million points main camera + 13 million points super wide-angle + 8 million points 5 times periscope lens + 13 million points 2 times portrait lens four cameras The combination can cover common focal lengths, and the front is 32 million point lens.

Unlike mainstream mobile phone imaging systems, the imaging system of the vivo X60 Pro has Zeiss optics and the second-generation micro-head. This generation of X60 Pro has been upgraded to Micro Gimbal 2.0. In fact, the previous Micro Gimbal technology has been completed very well. The second generation maintains the same high number of 48 million points, but also enhances the AOA assembly process and more precise Anti-shake adjustment, the most important thing is to increase the lens aperture from the previous F/1.6 to F/1.48, which increases the light input by 16.8%. The larger aperture also means that the X60 Pro can have a faster shutter speed when shooting night scenes. Coupled with the anti-shake effect of the micro-head, it can significantly increase the filming rate of night scenes.

In addition, the X60 Pro has better AI post-processing than the previous generation. After shooting, it will automatically optimize the proofs, reduce noise, brighten dark details, reduce overexposure, color adjustment, etc., all for you automatically. The AI-adjusted proofs have reasonable exposure, clearer details, and smoother pictures, which really saves the user himself later.

The imaging system of the vivo X60 Pro was jointly created by vivo and Zeiss. This is also the first product brought by vivo after the cooperation with Zeiss. Vivo can effectively improve the performance of the vivo X60 Pro in imaging with the help of Zeiss’s accumulated experience in the field of professional optics and mobile imaging.

In terms of details, the vivo X60 series adopts industry-leading ALD nanocrystalline lens coating technology, etc., so that the optical elements of the vivo X60 series imaging system meet the strict standards of Zeiss. In addition, by reconstructing the spatial depth and spot model, the vivo X60 Pro can also realize the Zeiss Biotar portrait style.

Simply put, with the blessing of Zeiss optics, it means that the optical element of the vivo X60 Pro imaging system has reached a high level, which can improve various optical problems such as dispersion, flare, purple fringing, and ghosting, allowing users to work in different scenarios. Shooting can also get excellent imaging effects.

The second-generation micro-head of the vivo X60 Pro has a new upgrade to anti-shake. The second-generation micro-head adopts a more precise AOA assembly process, which can more accurately control components and improve lens edge aberrations. . When taking pictures, it supports four-axis anti-shake, which can extend the exposure time, and the image quality is better in dark light. At the same time, it is not easy to paste, and still has a high filming rate.

In terms of video shooting, the micro-head mounted on the vivo X60 Pro can also provide excellent anti-shake performance. Five-axis VIS video anti-shake can be achieved through the second-generation micro-head. Through the upgrade of computing, users can shoot stable and smooth videos in hand-held, sports and other scenes.

In a well-lit scene, the imaging effect of the vivo X60 Pro is very good, the picture is transparent and sharp, and the white balance is restored accurately. The color of the real shot proofs will be brightly adjusted, giving people a unique style in terms of color.

It is not difficult to see that although the main camera of the vivo X60 Pro is only 48 million, it has no advantage over the mega cup with a resolution of hundreds of millions of dollars. However, the rear camera of the X60 Pro this time contains a powerful optical lens from Zeiss. It is not inferior to some “super large ring cups” in terms of picture resolution and clarity.

In indoor scenes with poor lighting, thanks to the blessing of the second-generation micro-head and f/1.48 super-large aperture, the amount of light is increased, while the shutter time can be extended to obtain a purer picture. The above sample was taken in a poorly lit indoor environment, and the picture quality is better even if you zoom in.

Through the rear four-camera combination, the vivo X60 Pro can cover commonly used focal lengths, support ultra-wide angle, 2x optical zoom, 5x optical zoom, and achieve up to 60x digital zoom, which can already easily cope with most daily shooting scenes.

Because of the blessing of 2x optical zoom lens and 5x optical zoom lens, high-quality photos can be obtained at 2x and 5x zoom. Even at 60x zoom, the picture can still retain good details. The imaging colors of different focal lengths are relatively close, it looks more natural and does not have a big sense of jump.

In addition, through the 13 million-point 50mm portrait lens, you can take more natural portrait photos. The system provides French impression, retro film and flash portrait styles to choose from, making it easy to take beautiful photos.

When it comes to night scenes, this is the main battlefield of Zeiss optical lenses. Through the proofs, it is not difficult to see that the vivo X60 Pro can balance and unify the dark light details and light noises, so that night scene shooting can increase the amount of light in the picture. Further preserve the purity and clarity of the picture.

The vivo X60 Pro can already take excellent photos in the default mode. The default mode has enough brightness, handles the highlights very well, and restores the color and atmosphere of the scene very well.

In the night scene mode, the picture will be further brightened, the purity is also improved, and the picture has a stronger expressive power. Because there are micro-head and Zeiss, don’t worry too much about the blurring of night shooting scenes.

The camera has also added three new night scene styles: “Blue Orange”, “Silver Orange” and “Dark Scarlet”. Through different styles, it is easy to take very high-quality night scene pictures.

In terms of video shooting, the vivo X60 Pro can also maintain a very stable state for handheld video shooting because of the advantages of the micro-head. The above is a handheld video, and a very stable video image can be obtained even in a moving scene.

Thanks to the unique advantages of the micro-head, it has excellent anti-shake performance while maintaining a very wide video frame. The micro pan-tilt will make the sensor and the lens module move as a whole, the optical axis does not shift, the image quality of the video edge is guaranteed, and the overall picture is also very clear.

If you have higher requirements for anti-shake, you can also turn on a stronger anti-shake mode, but there will be a certain cut to the frame.

When you move the mobile phone to view the view while holding it, the micro-head will slowly turn around, which is a bit similar to the feeling of shooting with a hand-held pan-tilt. The actually shot video moves stably and smoothly, which can effectively improve the overall look and feel of the video.

In addition, the vivo X60 Pro also supports focus tracking mode, support for voice enhancement and three-mic stereo noise reduction and sound tracking when recording videos, all of which can bring a better video shooting experience.

Performance. Vivo X60 Pro is first launched with Samsung Exynos 1080 flagship chip, this chip uses advanced 5nm process technology, CPU is 1 Cortex-A78 (2.8GHz) + 3 Cortex-A78 (2.6GHz) + 4 Cortex-A55 (2.0 GHz) eight-core design, the GPU part is Mali-G78 MP10, integrated 5G baseband.

vivo X60 Pro is also equipped with LPDDR4X memory and the latest UFS 3.1 ultra-fast flash memory, which can provide strong performance support.

In terms of running points, the AnTuTu running points of the vivo X60 Pro reached 610,000+, which is similar to the running points of the flagship Snapdragon 865 chip, with flagship-level performance. Compared with the Snapdragon 765G chip used in the previous generation, the performance of the vivo X60 Pro has been improved by leaps and bounds.

The GeekBench 5 test scored 905 points for single-core and 3307 points for multi-core. At the same time, the benchmark score of the Snapdragon 865 for comparison has a core score of 904 and a multi-core score of 3290.

In the actual experience, I conducted a game test on it. The test games were “Peace Elite” and “Original God”.

In the “Peace Elite” game, the highest picture quality of vivo X60 Pro only supports HDR high definition, 2K ultra high definition picture quality does not support, this is a pity, after all, the game itself has launched 2K resolution in the middle of this year.

In HDR high-definition picture quality, the frame rate of the game is only supported to ultra-high, and it can be stabilized at about 50 frames in the actual experience, and the game is still very smooth; while in the game “Original God”, Exynos 1080 is a little better It’s hard work. When you turn on 60FPS in medium quality, the game screen will already be stuck. And because of the compact internal structure of the thin and light body, the heat problem of the phone is quite serious. If you play for a long time, there will be severe frame drop.

It seems that although the performance of the X60 Pro equipped with Exynos 1080 has been improved this time, the excessive pursuit of lightness and thinness has caused this 5nm process chip to be unable to exert its full performance.

In terms of battery life. The vivo X60 Pro is equipped with a 33W FlashCharge, a built-in 4200mAh battery, and we have tested the performance of the actual charging and battery life.

The charging test starts after the phone runs out of power and automatically shuts down. It can reach 66% power in 30 minutes, and it only takes 61 minutes to reach 100% power. Although the fast charging power of the vivo X60 Pro is not particularly aggressive, the actual charging performance is not bad, and there is no need to wait too long.

For the battery life, we conducted a three-hour battery life test, including common usage scenarios such as watching videos online, brushing Weibo Douyin, and playing games. The endurance test ends, and the final remaining power is 58%.

During the endurance test, the 120Hz high refresh rate mode is turned on. The system provides smart switching and 60Hz mode. In theory, using these two modes will have better endurance performance.

In terms of system, vivo X60 Pro is equipped with vivo’s brand-new OriginOS. OriginOS has a huge change from appearance to interaction concept, which can bring a new experience different from the past.

OriginOS system has a high degree of attention. The new system UI, this is the first layer of armor of OriginOS, which was the weak underbelly of vivo mobile phones.

OriginOS provides two sets of system interfaces to choose from, one is the innovative Origin OS interface, and the other is the ordinary desktop style similar to most Android phones. Probably because of user habits, vivo X60 Pro defaults to a normal desktop style, so you don’t have to worry about operating habits for the first time.

And the second layer, of course, is the new desktop UI unique to OriginOS. The new desktop layout is mainly realized by the arrangement of atomic components through Huarong Road. Many users may not know how to switch the new desktop UI at first. We can switch by clicking on the “Deformer” application and clicking the OriginOS icon in the lower right corner. This is not to zoom in on icons and add widgets.

The system provides a one-key switching function for parallel worlds, which can quickly switch between the Origin OS interface and the traditional interface. Because this time the Origin OS interface adopts a new design, we mainly experience the new interface of Origin OS.

Origin OS adopts the Huarong grid design, the interface looks simple and elegant, and the large icon design has a visual impact. The text below the icon is a hidden design. As long as the desktop is pressed for a long time, the specific APP name will be displayed, reducing visual interference.

The desktop icons can be adjusted in size and are highly editable, which can create a very personalized system interface. The system also provides window style and icon style adjustment functions.

Origin OS supports behavioral desktops and original scene windows, allowing the system interface to be related to the outside world and have more vitality.

In addition to the adjustable desktop icons, you can also place some functional atomic components on the desktop, such as atomic walkman, alarm clock, atomic notification, etc. Through these atomic components, you can interact directly on the desktop and improve operational efficiency.

For example, I can directly click on the alarm clock atomic component on the desktop and set the alarm through the voice channel without entering the corresponding interface.

Through the desktop Atom Walkman component, you can directly play songs, and quickly switch between QQ Music, Himalaya and other music apps. All these operations can be achieved directly on the system desktop, but the music APP that can be switched on the Atom Walkman needs It can be controlled after adaptation.

It is worth mentioning that clicking on the lens package icon on the desktop will pop up an interface including various lenses, so that you can quickly open the camera functions such as ultra-wide-angle, telephoto, and video, eliminating the need to enter the camera interface to switch cumbersome steps.

In fact, in addition to the changes in system beautification, OriginOS’s operating core is still the familiar Android system: pull down to call up the control center, and pull up is the application drawer. Most icons on the desktop can be clicked to open related applications. But more updates of OriginOS are still hidden in those small components, which are officially called atomic components.

As a mobile phone system, apart from innovation, what does OriginOS do in terms of humanized functions? Swipe the weather widget left and right to view the weather change curve; Atomic Walkman allows different players to be integrated, allowing music to communicate with each other; and the most intimate thing is the Atomic notification, no need to click into different APPs to obtain information, but through one The 2*1 widgets communicate flight information and express information to users in a timely manner, and never miss important information again.

In addition to the first time, OriginOS’s original original scene window, time window, behavior desktop and other original designs have also brought me many novel experiences.

I have to say that on the vivo X60 Pro mobile phone, you can feel vivo’s unique insights into the future mobile phone operating system. It may not be suitable for everyone, but there must be people who love it.

In addition, the system also provides super card package function, customizable operation interaction channel, fast display mode switching, etc., which can effectively enhance the user’s interactive experience and make Origin OS more worry-free and easy to use.

Whether it is visual or interactive channels, Origin OS can bring a brand-new experience, interaction has become more convenient and simple, and it is not difficult to actually use, and you will soon be familiar with the usage.

In fact, from the perspective of the entire OriginOS experience, vivo hopes to convey a concept of returning everything to the original, so it has greatly used the imitation style in the design style. Of course, this mimicry style is based on the current popular simple style and then improved, this icon does not seem to be out of touch with the trend of aesthetics, while retaining the familiar feeling.

And OriginOS also added a new memory fusion technology this time, by calling part of the idle ROM to assume part of the RAM operating requirements, to achieve the effect of memory “+3G”. In fact, this is what we often call virtual memory, and the effect achieved is the same. Realizing the actual experience, you can indeed feel that there are fewer background applications that automatically close, and the loading speed of reopening the application is also fast.

The vivo X60 Pro feels like a brand new model instead of inheriting the previous one. Better performance, stronger lens, unprecedented system, etc., a variety of elements are combined. By cooperating with Zeiss, the optical element of the imaging system is raised to a new level, and users can also shoot high-quality imaging works in different scenes.

The rear-mounted practical four-camera combination can meet different shooting needs, and the playability is high. The ultra-stable micro-head’s powerful anti-shake performance is more friendly to creators who like to shoot videos with mobile phones. Whether you like taking photos or videos, the imaging system of the vivo X60 Pro will not let you down.

In other configurations, the vivo X60 Pro is equipped with a flagship chip, a 120Hz high refresh rate screen, and a slim, high-value appearance. Compared with the previous generation, the vivo X60 Pro has not only upgraded the imaging system, but also has a comprehensive improvement in imaging, performance, screen and other aspects, becoming more versatile.

In terms of innovation, vivo X60 Pro is undoubtedly a very beautiful mobile phone, and it is also worth buying. While continuing the anti-shake advantage of the previous generation of micro-pan-tilt, Exynos 1080 SoC equipped with Samsung’s 5nm process, through cooperation with Zeiss, the overall image strength of vivo has been improved, and users can also shoot high-quality images in different scenes works. Equipped with a 120Hz high refresh rate screen, as well as a thin and high-value appearance, the new OriginOS has a huge change from appearance to interactive concept, which can bring a new experience different from the past.

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