vivo X60 Pro-Professional Imaging Phone of the Year

At the end of 2020, vivo’s flagship professional imaging products will make another major strike. The newly launched vivo X60 series of professional imaging flagships redefine the shooting capabilities of flagship cameras in the 5G era. The vivo X60 Pro we just got is equipped with the vivo Zeiss joint imaging system and Zeiss optical lens, and comes standard with the second-generation micro-head.

Thanks to this, the vivo X60 Pro excels in super night scenes, smart images, sports capture experience, and movie-level video shooting, making it one of the most worthwhile models for the main shooting experience this year.

At the same time, the vivo X60 Pro first launched the OriginOS system, bringing a fresh, natural and simple interactive experience, and the first Samsung Exynos 1080 flagship chip with a 5nm process technology jointly developed by vivo and Samsung. The performance and display capabilities have been greatly improved, and SA is supported. /NSA 5G dual-module network. The appearance and craftsmanship design of the mobile phone is derived from the classic design language of the previous generation, and is newly built to a higher level. It can be seen that vivo X60 Pro is the most sincere New Year gift that vivo brings us.

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The combination of vivo and Zeiss, vivo X60 Pro creates another professional imaging miracle.

Shooting has always been the core competitiveness of the vivo X series of professional imaging flagships, and the vivo X60 Pro as the annual work, the shooting configuration is very tough. This time, the century-old German manufacturer Carl Zeiss (hereinafter referred to as “Zeiss”) and Vivo have joined forces to launch the Vivo Zeiss joint imaging system, combining mobile product manufacturing experience with technical accumulation and quality standards in the field of professional optics. Together, the shooting capabilities of the vivo X60 Pro have been greatly improved.

The vivo Zeiss joint imaging system includes an ultra-wide-angle camera, a professional portrait camera, an ultra-telephoto camera, etc., which can effectively suppress common problems such as dispersion, glare, purple fringing and ghosting, and has traditional Zeiss lenses with low optical aberrations and reduced image Huge advantages of dispersion/curvature/distortion.Thanks to vivo’s exquisite craftsmanship and effective adjustment of image sharpness, the vivo X60 Pro has an excellent shooting talent.

On the vivo X60 Pro, we can feel the excellent picture quality and all-round adjustments under Zeiss’s strict technical standards. The volume and weight of the lens are more controllable, and the overall optical performance of the mobile phone has also been greatly improved. Its source of inspiration- Zeiss Tiansai lens came out in 1902. It has the advantages of simple structure, high image quality and light weight. There are more lenses and upgraded to aspherical lenses. The lens accuracy is higher, and the low aberration and high resolution of the Tiansai lens are better utilized. Rate advantage. The Zeiss Biotar portrait style is one of the most intuitive results that we can reflect.

The Zeiss Biotar portrait style of vivo X60 Pro is derived from the classic lens in Zeiss history. In the shooting task, it has the advantages of clear imaging of the central person and the spiral and eye-catching advantages of the blurred area. On this basis, vivo X60 reconstructs the spatial depth and spot model to make the film more dreamy. Compared with many third-party filter effects with similar effects, the ZEISS Biotar portrait style imaging effect is more natural and unique.

At the same time, the vivo X60 Pro continues the previous generation of the vivo X50 series “overall anti-shake” and “lossless anti-shake” technical path, and the entire system is innovatively upgraded to the second-generation micro-head stabilizer. The module occupies about 5 times the board area of the ordinary main camera, but thanks to the extreme compression of the internal space, internal electronic wiring, special-shaped layout and circuit redesign, the backplane is finally realized through the cutting-edge magnetic frame , The perfect stacking of component modules and motherboards makes the second-generation micro-head become a reality.

The important significance of vivo’s second-generation micro-head is that the mobile phone can effectively avoid the blurring of the edges of the photo, increase the upper limit of the exposure time, and make it possible to shoot in the dark for a longer time.

At the same time, whether it is ultra-high magnification telephoto shooting, ultra-clear mode, high-resolution straight-out, continuous capture of moving objects, or ultra-long exposure in tripod mode, it all comes naturally. Users can also auto-calibrate the micro-head in the camera’s shooting settings. When shooting 1-1.9x photos, the anti-shake assistant can also be turned on, which can not only display the shaking situation, but also act as a level meter. This brings a huge effect improvement for common shooting scenarios.

There are four cameras on the rear of the vivo X60 Pro, including a 48-megapixel main camera, a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, an 8-megapixel periscope camera, and a 13-megapixel portrait camera.

Among them, the main camera aperture is as high as f/1.48, and the light input is increased by 16.8%, and the AOA assembly process is used to achieve precise adjustment of coaxiality, inclination and spacing, and improve edge aberration. The ultra-wide-angle camera is used as a 0.6x zoom, a viewing angle of 120 degrees, and supports macro shooting at a focal length of 25mm.

Thanks to the blessing of OriginOS, users can not only switch the shooting mode inside the camera, but also can quickly enter the super macro, super wide angle, telephoto, portrait, video and short video on the atomic component of the “lens package” on the desktop. Shooting options are very convenient to switch. The lens bag and the camera can also be separated.

In terms of light color adjustment, users can use vivo’s own “Liu Wen filter” and “Xiao Quan filter” and other mature solutions, and can also adjust the light accurately. Common advanced gameplay such as high-pixel mode, AR cute shooting, smart vision, etc., vivo X60 Pro also includes them, significantly improving the photographer’s real shooting experience.

During the photo shooting process, the vivo X60 Pro can support four-axis anti-shake within the focal length range of 100-500mm. By compensating for X-axis translation, Y-axis translation, YAW and PITCH jitter, the potential of the second-generation micro-head technology can be fully utilized to ensure The picture is precise and clear.

In the process of video shooting, vivo X60 Pro supports five-axis VIS video anti-shake, achieving X/Y/YAW/PITCH/ROLL “five-axis video anti-shake” effect, combined with algorithm upgrades, to ensure clear and stable shooting effects, significantly improved The actual experience of live broadcast and first-person Vlog.

In terms of zoom shooting, the vivo X60 Pro supports 5x telephoto capture and up to 60x super zoom supported by the algorithm. With the second-generation micro-head, it can ensure the stability of telephoto images and achieve stable zoom dynamic capture.

It is worth mentioning that the motion tracking system of the vivo X60 Pro can also be adjusted in the camera settings. The photographer can not only accurately capture the left and right eyes through the human eye tracking focus, but also track the human body. Focus, highlight the charm of the characters to the greatest extent, and add the finishing touch to portrait works. In the telephoto capture scene, the object tracking option becomes very important. This function can not only be used in post-shooting, but also can be called in sports capture mode and video function, suitable for new and old masters to “shoot birds”.

In terms of night scene shooting, the vivo X60 is equipped with a cutting-edge super night scene algorithm, which is specially optimized for extremely dark, urban night scenes, and super-backlit night scenes. Among them, Black Light Night Vision 2.0 can optimize the noise model through the AI ​​noise reduction algorithm to increase the sensitivity by 3 times. Multi-layer processing of plants for deep fusion noise reduction. Whether it is night portraits, super wide-angle night scenes or panoramic night scenes, it can be easily played.

Friends who like creative gameplay can also try the four city night scene color templates of “Cyberpunk”, “Black Gold”, “Blue Ice” and “Green Orange”, which are already familiar to vivo. There are also “blue orange”, “silver orange” and “dark scarlet” three A new night scene style is added, making the charming night look a bit more of the cool texture of the movie and comic version.

Vivo X60 Pro is a powerful 50mm focal length commonly used for portrait shooting. It not only supports the separation of portrait composition and landscape separation, but also can accurately adjust the skin color of the person. The portrait mode itself supports skinning, skin whitening, face thinning, face reduction, and narrowing. Various fine adjustments for face, short face, big eyes, etc., are also connected to diversified posture options and four kinds of blur special effects: love, starburst, butterfly, and falling cherry blossoms. The blur level is adjustable and the upper limit is f/2.0.

Users can also select portrait shooting options such as Zeiss Biotar, French Impression, Retro Film and Flash Portrait in the shooting style options. The front camera of the mobile phone is 32 million pixels, which is equally unwilling in terms of detail restoration and portrait level.

The vivo X60 Pro phone itself can also turn on the portrait mode in portrait mode. After the portrait composition, it can automatically count down to shoot, which is very convenient to use.

The old photo repair function is a creative function of vivo, which aims to use the technological achievements of AI learning to accurately partition and intelligently color old photos. It can already optimize low-resolution, unclear, and noisy photos , Just deal with it directly in the repair option of photo editing.

In terms of video shooting, vivo X60 Pro supports 2.35:1 widescreen movie shooting, up to 4K/60fps video shooting, and the mobile phone’s radio effect is also very good. It can not only perform noise reduction, voice enhancement, and three-mic stereo noise reduction, but also It can support directional radio, video beautification, and diverse shooting styles.

For friends who are more able to play, it can also support H265 encoding and selfie mirroring. The former is a cutting-edge high-efficiency MP4 encoding, while the latter can perform the same screen on the left and right sides, suitable for use in live broadcast and Vlog shooting scenes.

Below, let’s take a look at a set of sample photos taken by the vivo X60 Pro, let’s feel it together:Picture from

It can be seen that the vivo X60 series can not only ensure that the subject is clearly visible when shooting bright day scenes, the colors are colorful and appealing, but also through deep partition processing, the background area is elegant and natural, and the color transition is also very natural and symmetrical. Distortion is properly controlled, showing a huge high dynamic range advantage, and the details are equally impeccable. When shooting people or objects with more complex colors, the vivo X60 Pro has an unparalleled advantage in color reproduction.

Thanks to the powerful blessing of the Zeiss Tiansei lens and the second-generation micro-head, when shooting low-light scenes, the vivo X60 Pro can bring sufficient light input and a pure and durable overall picture, powerfully remove noise, and treat too bright 、Strongly suppress the areas that are prone to glare and ghosts to ensure the sharpness of the main body and good color transition. Even if you zoom in, the details are still impeccable. Thanks to the sufficient amount of light, many excellent picture details can be presented, enriching the picture content and image appeal.

From this point of view, the shooting capabilities of the vivo X60 Pro are still very scrutinized, able to meet the increasingly professional and complex shooting needs of photographers, and provide photographers with an important creative space for expressing themselves, showing the flagship of the vivo X series of professional shooting. Style.

Return to the original OriginOS design refactoring to bring you agile world.

In addition to the professional flagship image performance, the most important user experience improvement of the vivo X60 Pro is the system interaction ability. Vivo X60 Pro first released OriginOS 1.0, customized based on Android 11.

OriginOS integrates a massively detailed UI design, a new interaction logic, and an aesthetic concept that breaks boundaries. It balances light and heavy, creates a new digital world, and brings users a smooth, safe, and convenient system interaction experience. An important node of vivo mobile phone experience innovation. The circulation of time, the changes of weather and the regular changes of physical effects are the core of OriginOS experience.

OriginOS first created a neatly structured “Huarong Grid” to accommodate diversified atomic components and provides four atomic component sizes to ensure that the icons are arranged neatly and all icon names are hidden.

Among them, the Atom Walkman function integrates a variety of original or third-party music software, effectively integrating users’ music resources. The atomic notification adopts a more restrained content display method, which can be integrated into the screen through a dedicated atomic component, occupies a small area, and can be switched between left and right strokes.

The addition of deformers can add different window styles, icon styles and parallel world functions. Among them, the window style has a stronger three-dimensional sense, accompanied by corresponding physical effects, and supports special effects overlay; icons can show different effects such as flat, simulating, open, and closed; innovative systems can be one-click with traditional systems Switch, open the parallel world, share space, make it possible to open multiple applications, one-click switching of work and life accounts, and deeper privacy protection.

OriginOS has built-in original scenery windows, including sky windows, time windows, and behavioral wallpapers. It not only supports effect overlay, but also integrates the flow of time and weather into the entire icon and background.

At the same time, OriginOS has built-in seven flower-themed behavior wallpapers, with movie-level flowering special effects and nuanced AI algorithm support. With the increase of the user’s steps, OriginOS can gradually adjust the flowers from budding to blooming. The whole action is divided into 10 levels. The details are captured naturally and impeccably, and it looks pleasing and relaxing.

In terms of interaction, the biggest improvement of OriginOS lies in the interaction pool and super card package. Among them, the interactive pool function is the industry’s first launch. Users can click on the “Mix” component to customize the screen edge gestures, covering 26 different interaction combinations, and there are special adaptations for horizontal screen interaction.

Users can also select full-screen gestures, classic three-stage or navigation keys on the setting interface, or set the side swipe to quickly launch the application and the side swipe sensitivity. The rich interactive logic access can take care of new users from different brands and reduce the time cost for them to adapt.

The super card package function can be drawn directly to the left from the lower right corner, and its significance lies in quick one-handed payment. The function of Super Card Pack covers QR code, WeChat/Alipay payment code, WeChat scan and Alipay ride code. The super card package takes up a small space, and also supports screen fingerprint encryption, and its security is very guaranteed. It can be called a model of mobile phone quick payment at this stage.

In addition, OriginOS has also added Multi-Turbo 5.0, which optimizes the shooting experience in depth and convenient experience, supports 42 mainstream format file editing, provides photo file conversion, voice conversion input, intelligent format adjustment, batch operation and other functions; The transmission function can be linked with the PC platform without software, and one-key scanning code can be quickly transmitted. In terms of compatibility, OriginOS has added 24 mainstream brands and 4000 models of printers that are compatible. It can print mainstream file formats wirelessly without downloading, enriching IoT smart home control, travel life services, and government service functions, and targeting banks. , Finance, insurance, and operations industry partners open one-stop reinforcement solutions, and have passed the certification of several national authorities.

It can be seen that thanks to the strong blessing of OriginOS, the system interaction capabilities of the vivo X60 Pro have been greatly improved from the inside to the outside, full time and full scene, not only the interaction is more convenient, but the interface beauty is also innovative, beautiful and natural. If you are an old V fan pursuing a cutting-edge experience, the vivo X60 Pro and its OriginOS 1.0 system will definitely make you feel refreshed. Next, let’s actually test the performance, battery life and 5G network performance of the vivo X60 Pro.

Samsung Exynos 1080 is the world premiere, with long battery life and extremely fast 5G more reliable.

In terms of performance, the vivo X60 Pro is the world’s first Samsung Exynos1080 5G processing chip equipped with a 5nm process technology. Samsung Exynos1080 5G processing chip is a new generation of 5G SoC jointly developed by vivo and Samsung. Its CPU has 1 2.8GHz ARM Cortex-A78 core, 3 2.6GHz ARM Cortex-A78 cores and 4 2.0GHz ARM Cortex-A55 cores. It can give play to the surging large core performance, empower most usage scenarios, and can effectively take into account the needs of power control. Its GPU is Mali-G78 MP10, which can meet the performance requirements of large-scale mobile games with cutting-edge 3D image processing capabilities.

In theory, the performance of Samsung’s Exynos1080 5G processing chip is slightly better than that of the 7nm process chip, and the power consumption control is easier.

At the same time, vivo X60 Pro also has 12GB LPDDR4X RAM and 256GB UFS3.1 storage. In theory, compared with UFS 3.0, UFS 3.1 flash memory has a 14% increase in sequential read speed and 25% in sequential write speed. , The mobile phone uses the original cable to exchange data with the Windows device at a higher rate, which can significantly improve the local use experience of the device.

vivo X60 Pro can also reduce the UI stuck time by 21%. It can provide 3GB of virtual memory with memory fusion technology to ensure that more process applications are resident. It can also use preload 2.0 technology to ensure smooth hot start and reduce it by 40% The cold start of the system reduces the system’s memory usage and increases the concurrency capacity by 20%.

Vivo X60 Pro has a built-in kernel-level motion engine to ensure immediate response and smooth motion after touching the screen, focusing on the painful scenes involving scene switching to ensure smooth and easy-to-use applications. Enhanced content management 1.0 can also realize background application management and application loading optimization, realize detailed resource management and control, and higher system operating efficiency.

Below, we will actually run the score for the vivo X60 Pro. We use AnTuTu for comprehensive running and storage tests. In terms of comprehensive running points, the vivo X60 Pro scored 612828 points, and the UX single item scored 91156 points.

In terms of storage testing, the sequential read and write speeds measured by the vivo X60 Pro were 1949.0MB/s and 1251.5MB/s, and the random read and write speeds were 301.4MB/s and 291.9MB/s.

In order to test the performance and stability of the vivo X60 Pro, we used the CPU Throttling Test to perform a CPU copy machine to take a look at the ultimate computing performance of the vivo X60 Pro. During the 15-minute test, the CPU of the vivo X60 Pro can exert at least 75% of the computing power, and rushed to the highest frequency of 2.80GHz.

In addition, in order to test the GPU performance of the vivo X60 Pro, we used 3D Mark’s Sling Shot Extreme and Sling Shot to run the score for the vivo X60 Pro. The vivo X60 Pro scored 7204 points and 8524 points respectively in these two items. The performance is not bad.

It can be seen that the performance of the vivo X60 Pro does indeed reflect the expected level of a flagship model.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to bring a smoother game operation and visual experience, the vivo X60 Pro is also equipped with a 120Hz high refresh rate screen, and the touch sampling rate is 240Hz.

As we all know, high refresh rate screens have become a fashion in mobile game configuration in recent years. In theory, the 120Hz screen refresh rate can synchronize the frame rate of adapted games, applications and even global interactive scenes to 120fps, not only the visual effects are smoother, but the operation feel is also smoother, even in shooting mobile games and large mobile games. Be one step ahead and take the lead. A higher touch sampling rate means that the operation may be more user-friendly. This is undoubtedly a huge improvement in the gaming experience.

In terms of battery life, the vivo X60 Pro is equipped with a 4300mAh high-capacity battery. It comes standard with 33W FlashCharge. After our actual test, in addition to FlashCharge, the mobile phone charger supports Samsung 5V/2A, DCP 1.5A and QC 2.0 (9V) Large agreement, the weight and portability of the charger cable are acceptable.

Next, we will conduct the actual charging test. The first is the screen charging part, which mainly reflects the fastest charging efficiency of the mobile phone.

We adjusted the power of the vivo X60 Pro to 1%, turned on the screen reminder to record the power of each time node, and used professional instruments to record the power and temperature changes.

In terms of charging time, the vivo X60 Pro took 68 minutes to charge from 1% to 100% when the screen is still on, and the charging power will return to zero when the battery reaches 100%, ensuring the safety of mobile phone charging.

In terms of charging temperature, the peak charging temperature of the vivo X60 Pro screen is 35 degrees Celsius, and the temperature at the end of charging is 31 degrees Celsius.

Screen charging temperature

In terms of charging power, the vivo X60 Pro only took about 3-7 minutes to rise to the peak value of 31.1W, then decayed downward and maintained at about 20-22W, and finally decayed downwards, and officially returned to 0W when fully charged, and entered the overcharge protection. status.

Screen charging power

In the bright-screen charging test part, the vivo X60 Pro is offline, and the phone plays multiple video clips in a loop, and the bit rate resolution of each source is different. Avoid the problem that the load cannot be accurately controlled during network testing, so as to ensure the fairness and practicability of the test.

In the bright screen state, when the user is using and charging, the mobile phone itself has a certain power consumption, and the charging power when the screen is on will also be in consideration of safety and temperature factors, so the charging speed is compared to the off screen There will be significant gaps in status.

In terms of charging temperature, the vivo X60 Pro slowly increases in temperature when the screen is on, with a peak temperature of 37.2 degrees Celsius.

Charging temperature when the screen is on

In terms of charging power, the vivo X60 Pro reached a peak of 29.4W in only 4 minutes and 31 seconds, and then the charging power began to drop, and fluctuate repeatedly in the range of 12-19W, and the power instantly returned to zero after being fully charged.

Charging power when the screen is on

Subsequently, we used professional software to test the vivo X60 Pro for 5 hours. The test turned on the high-resolution, 5G network and connected to Wi-Fi throughout the test. The screen brightness and volume were 50%, and all power saving options were turned off. The actual power consumption was 48% and the remaining power was 52%. In other words, the vivo X60 Pro can be used continuously for more than 10 hours under full power, and the overall battery life is very good.

The 5G network is also a major focus of the actual performance of Samsung’s Exynos1080 5G processor chip. Samsung Exynos1080 5G processing chip integrates 5G baseband, supports Sub-6 and millimeter wave two technical solutions and SA/NSA 5G dual-module network. Under the two solutions, the maximum uplink rate is 1.28Gbps and 3.67Gbps, and the downlink is the highest The rates are 3.67Gbps and 5.1Gbps respectively.

The Samsung Exynos1080 5G processor chip itself can also support the Bluetooth 5.2 technology standard. The addition of multi-mode antennas and smart NR multi-antenna switching technology can be optimized for a variety of holding methods and usage scenarios to ensure stable and high-speed data transmission.

Vivo X60 Pro is compatible with the mainstream 5G frequency bands under the three major operators, and can turn on smart 5G options according to needs to reduce the heat and power consumption of mobile phones when using 5G networks. With the blessing of the 5G network, users can experience gigabit network downlink speeds, and can even have 5G cutting-edge experiences such as cloud computers, 5G cloud games, and AR/VR.

Users can manually set the network speed in “Settings-Mobile Network”, and can customize the 5G network for uploading and downloading, and the use of the foreground and background. You can also use the 5G search function to search for nearby 5G base stations or conduct 5G speed measurements.

Below, we will actually test the network transmission speed of the vivo X60 Pro. We close the Wi-Fi connection, clear all background applications, and close the 5G smart power saving option to ensure the full output of 5G baseband performance.

We use professional network speed test software and the default connection node to test the transmission speed of the vivo X60 Pro under 5G network conditions. It is measured that it can reach the level of 413Mbps in downlink, 98.4Mbps in uplink, and 11ms jitter under 5G network.

Subsequently, we opened a professional network testing tool to test the latency when accessing under the 5G network. Under the 5G network, the vivo X60 Pro has the highest latency of 57.20ms, the lowest latency of 25.60ms, and the average latency of 45ms. The latency is much lower than that of the general 5G models, and it has a significant low latency advantage.

In this way, the actual 5G network performance of the vivo X60 Pro is still quite outstanding. The phone itself also supports Wi-Fi 6 MU-MIMO technology, which can improve the network connection quality under complex network conditions, covering GSM/CDMA/WCDMA calls, LTE Internet access/high-rate transmission, VolTE and video calls, 5G standby, 5G NSA/ SA Internet and other scenarios.

It can be seen that thanks to the excellent performance of Samsung’s Exynos 1080 5G processing chip, the performance and endurance of the vivo X60 Pro are very good, and it can rely on the high-quality 5G network to bring more abundant usage scenarios, and the basic skills can be described as quite solid. Next, let’s take a look at the craft design level of vivo X60 Pro.

The pinnacle of vivo’s design language in 2020, the high-quality screen display glows with real colors.

In terms of process design, the vivo X60 Pro follows the “two-color cloud-level” design aesthetics of the previous generation of the vivo X50 series. The body is light and thin, and it has two color versions of Force and Huacai. Among them, the Force version is about 7.59mm thick and weighs about 178g, and the Huacai version is about 7.69mm thick and weighs about 179g.

Among them, the original color matching is derived from the familiar “Star Wars” series of film and television works, which represent the vigorous vitality, and the vastness and depth of the universe, which complements OriginOS’s “return to the original”; the colorful version is like the sea level sunrise The time when the water and the sky meet are like the magical work of nature, pure and graceful.

The front of the vivo X60 Pro is designed with a 3D curved screen, and the back is a 3D curved body. Through technical details such as simplified wiring and hollowing out of the motherboard, the phone is extremely thin and light. The front of the phone is a 6.56-inch AMOLED mid-pole 3D curved sun screen with a hole area. Small, showing the beauty of symmetry. And it can bring impactful and immersive visual perception, and the display effect is very natural.

The back panel of the fuselage is innovatively made of satin AG technology, which presents a hazy texture covered by clouds on the glass back panel, and can reflect a refreshing luster, silky touch, not easy to stain fingerprints, and excellent grip. The new order two-color cloud level in the upper left corner is flat and stretched, clean and neat, with a reasonable layout. The main photographer of “Big Eyes Meng” and Zeiss “Little Blue Label” are particularly conspicuous, combining professional image heritage and humanistic feelings into one. The fashionable Choker collar design is like an elegant and beautiful singer girl, which is very friendly and dignified.

It can be seen that the exterior design of the vivo X60 Pro is still very stable, mature and generous. The vivo X60 Pro screen itself also has cutting-edge display capabilities. The screen of vivo X60 Pro uses E3 luminescent material, with a typical brightness of 500nit and a peak brightness of 1300nit, which is very bright, with a contrast ratio of about 6000000:1, a strong sense of color hierarchy, and supports 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, with HDR10+ for effective adjustment The contrast of light and dark on the screen makes the display effect very delicate. The screen itself can effectively alleviate the burn-in phenomenon and prolong the service life.

The LTM sunlight screen can display partitions by local color mapping technology, dynamically adjust the contrast, and in response to changes in ambient light, suppress the overexposure of the highlight area, optimize the details of the dark parts, enhance the clarity, and bring a smooth visual experience, with a global eye protection function , The visual experience is more comfortable.

This screen itself has passed the SGS Eye Care Display eye care certification, which can theoretically reduce the proportion of harmful blue light to 7.5%, and has the effect of relieving eye fatigue and preventing diseases.

Based on the above, the vivo X60 Pro not only has better professional top-level imaging capabilities based on Zeiss optical literacy, but also significantly enhances the daily use experience with cutting-edge performance endurance, stable high-speed 5G network connection, and natural, simple and easy-to-use OriginOS.

The elegant and dignified, professional and atmospheric process design of the vivo X60 Pro and the precise eye-protecting screen display capability raise the beauty of the phone to a level. It can be said that the vivo X60 Pro is worthy of the most sincere annual gift that vivo brings on the occasion of the new year. It is the master of vivo’s technological innovation in 2020.

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