The latest rendering of Huawei P50: Appearance ushered in a huge change, with a center-punched straight screen + dual-ring three-camera

In accordance with past practices, Huawei will bring the latest flagship of the P series-Huawei P50 series in April. However, according to people familiar with the matter, the launch of the Huawei P50 series will be postponed to May, with the launch of Huawei P50, Huawei P50 Pro and Huawei P50 Pro+ three models.

Recently, some media exposed a set of renderings of the Huawei P50 Standard Edition, showing the new changes to the exterior design of the machine.

It can be clearly seen that Huawei P50 has adopted a completely new design language, and the front and the back have ushered in huge changes. First, the front has finally abandoned the previous pill-type double-hole display and adopted a centered single-hole straight screen solution. The screen-to-body ratio is higher and does not affect the reading experience, and the overall visual effect is better.

In addition, the rear camera module on the back of the Huawei P50 this time has been replaced with a new design, using a very unique dual-ring solution, which is equipped with three cameras + focusing module, the flash and Leica display are located in two rings The central part is highly recognizable as a whole.

Huawei P50

It was previously reported that the Huawei P50 will be equipped with Sony’s exclusive custom IMX800 sensor as standard. It has an ultra-large base close to 1 inch. This is also the largest sensor in Sony’s history. It can bring more powerful imaging effects and is unique with Huawei. With the RYYB arrangement, the night shooting capability will be upgraded again to become a new generation of night vision devices.

It is worth mentioning that the news reveals that Huawei P50 will also release a new generation of flagship chip Kirin 9000L this time. The chip will be built using Samsung’s 5nm EUV process, which is consistent with Kirin 9000 as a whole, but will be slightly different in display and image performance. Inferior.

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