Summary of recent rumors of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro series

The new mobile phone market is quite lively recently. The new phones of major manufacturers are released one after another, and many small partners are also a little dazzled for a while, and when it comes to mobile phone manufacturers with the most frequent actions, Xiaomi should be considered one of the best. , Under the recent continuous disclosure of various media, three more upcoming Xiaomi 11 series new phones have been basically confirmed-Xiaomi 11 Pro, Xiaomi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi 11 lite.

As the top flagship of the Mi 11 series, Xiaomi 11 Ultra will be released at the end of March. In appearance, Mi 11 Ultra adopts a 6.81-inch 2K resolution quad-curved screen design with a considerable screen-to-body ratio. The hardware is equipped with Snapdragon 888. The processor, the performance is also powerful enough, the rear camera combination with 50 million main cameras, the main sensor has a 1/1.12 inch super-large photosensitive element, and supports 120 times digital zoom function, the camera strength is the best in the industry, in addition Mi 11 Ultra is also equipped with under-screen fingerprints, 120Hz high refresh rate, IP68 waterproof, dual 67W power fast charging, secondary screen, etc. The details are quite comprehensive, and its starting price is around 5999 CNY.

As the high-end flagship of the Mi 11 series, Xiaomi 11 Pro will also be released at the end of March. In appearance, Mi 11 Pro continues the 6.81-inch 2K resolution quad-curved screen + glass body design, with good looks and feel. , Equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, running MIUI12.5 system, not only the performance has reached the top level of the industry, the fluency is also very good, the rear camera combination of 50 million main camera (the ultra-wide-angle lens is weaker than the Xiaomi 11 Ultra), The camera capability is also not to be underestimated. In addition, the Mi 11 Pro also has a built-in 5000 mAh battery and supports dual 67W fast charge combinations. The battery life is quite strong, and its starting price is around 4999 CNY.

As an entry-level product in the Xiaomi Mi 11 series, the Xiaomi 11 lite will be released around April. In appearance, the Mi 11 lite adopts a 6.55-inch hole-digging direct-face screen design and supports a 90Hz screen refresh rate. The appearance is fair. Yes, the hardware is equipped with a Snapdragon 775G processor with a running score of about 530,000. The performance is sufficient for daily use. The rear-mounted AI camera combination with 64 million main cameras supports 5x optical zoom function. There are many bright spots in the camera ability, and it is worth mentioning What’s more, the Xiaomi Mi 11 lite has a built-in 4150 mAh battery with a thickness of only 6.81mm and a very thin and light body. This is quite impressive, and its starting price is around 1999 CNY.

Take a look at the recently exposed photos of the Xiaomi 11 Pro series, but before the official release, they are all fantasy. There are also photos showing that the attached screen of the Xiaomi 11 Pro is similar to Meizu; there are also showing that the Xiaomi 11 Pro does not have an attached screen, only the Xiaomi 11 Ultra has an attached screen. .

Xiaomi 11 Ultra
Mi 11 Pro? Or Xiaomi 11 Ultra?
Xiaomi 11 Pro
Mi 11 Pro
Xiaomi 11 lite
Mi 11 lite

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