Redmi K30 Ultra comprehensive evaluation

Wearing the title of “Supreme Commemorative Edition”, the Redmi K30U conquered the hearts of countless people by returning to 1999. According to official statistics, 100,000 units of the Redmi K30 Ultra Commemorative Edition were sold for the first time, and the supply was in short supply.

This product was born out of K30 Pro. The processor was changed from Snapdragon 865 to Dimensity 1000+. The rear main camera was slightly reduced, but the screen refresh rate was increased from 60Hz to 120Hz. The overall strength is quite strong, and the cost-effective advantage is also very good. obvious.

The Redmi K30 Ultra Commemorative Edition is equipped with Dimensity 1000+ processors. Dimensity 1000+ is the flagship chip launched by MediaTek. With the support of TSMC’s 7nm process, A77 core, and dual-mode 5G, it has attracted much attention. However, before the launch of the Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition, there were very few Dimensity 1000+ models, and there was more controversy about its true performance.

Let’s first look at the running scores. The Redmi K30 Ultra commemorative edition scored more than 500,000 in AnTuTu, which is far behind the Snapdragon 865, but the gap is not particularly obvious, and it surpassed Qualcomm’s previous generation flagship chip, the Snapdragon 855.

In terms of flash memory, since Dimensity 1000+ only supports UFS 2.1, even though this phone uses UFS 3.0 flash memory, it can only exert limited strength.

However, from the test data of AndroBench, Redmi K30 Ultra’s sequential read and write and random read and write performance are quite outstanding, reaching a level close to UFS 3.0. In terms of daily use, its flash memory performance will not become a bottleneck restricting the overall experience.

According to actual game measurement, Peace Elite has not yet adapted the high refresh rate screen of Redmi k30 Ultra. If the limit frame rate is turned on, the picture quality can only be adjusted to the lowest “smooth”. Under this setting, Dimensity 1000+ is naturally stress-free. It can basically achieve full frames in the whole game after a game, and the running process is very smooth.

However, after unlocking 120 frames and HDR high-definition picture quality, the pressure on the CPU and GPU of the mobile phone increased sharply. The game frame rate can be maintained above 100 at first, but it quickly drops to 70-80 frames (average frame rate) 82), this state continues until the end of the game.

It can be seen that under the extremely strict conditions of 120 frames + HDR high-definition picture quality, Dimensity 1000+ is obviously not fully competent, but this result is indeed worthy of the price of this phone, and this performance is The current Dimensity 1000+ models are also at a relatively good level.

It’s worth mentioning that Xiaomi officially released a fold-out video of the Redmi K30 Ultra Commemorative Edition recently. It can be seen that its heat dissipation configuration is quite luxurious, and various methods such as heat sink, silicone grease, and heat spreader are all used. It can basically squeeze out the performance limit of Dimensity 1000+.

Under high load conditions, the temperature of the back of the Redmi K30 Ultra is about 42°C, and the screen temperature is even higher, reaching 47°C. The body heat of the Redmi K30 Ultra Commemorative Edition can be clearly sensed, but it is still within an acceptable range.

In terms of cameras, the camera configuration of the Redmi K30 Ultra commemorative edition is basically the same as that of the Redmi K30 Pro standard edition, which is a 64MP main camera + 13MP ultra wide angle + 5MP macro + depth of field lens.

However, the main camera of the Redmi K30 Ultra commemorative edition has been reduced from IMX 686 to IMX 682. In actual use, the most noticeable difference is that its 4K video recording can only be opened for 30 frames. The previous Redmi K30 Pro can be opened. 60 frames.

During the day with plenty of light, the performance of the Redmi K30 Ultra Commemorative Edition is quite satisfactory. There are not too many faults in color reproduction, white balance, and resolution. Of course, in some big light ratio scenes, it can’t be perfect.

At night, Redmi K30 Ultra Commemorative Edition performed well in the night scene, with good overall brightness performance, and some flaws can be found on closer inspection. The dark performance of the Supreme Commemorative Edition is of course not as good as the more expensive flagship products, but it is completely worthy of this price.

In addition, the macro lens of the Redmi K30 Ultra Commemorative Edition is the same as the K30 Pro, which is very playable and can take many special photos from a microscopic perspective.

The screen refresh rate. When the Redmi K30 Pro was released, the most controversial one naturally did not go to the high screen, which caused a lot of dissatisfaction with Mi Fans. The Redmi K30 Ultra commemorative edition finally made up for this regret this time, using a Samsung AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate.

We all know the benefits of a high refresh rate screen, which is to provide a smoother experience. In addition to making the game more enjoyable, other apps will also become smoother when sliding the screen. After actual testing, we found that the 120Hz refresh rate of the Redmi K30 Ultra commemorative edition has been turned on for some applications, and a better experience can be obtained.

However, the high refresh rate mode also blocks some applications that Xiaomi may consider “not perceiving a high refresh rate”. The good news is that some netizens have found a way to crack the global 120Hz, and directly install an application called “S20 Refresh Rate Control”, and the global 120Hz can be achieved. This app was originally aimed at Samsung S20, but it can also be used on the Redmi K30 Ultra commemorative edition.

In addition, there is a regret that the screen refresh rate of the Redmi K30 Ultra commemorative edition is only available at 60Hz and 120Hz, and the 90Hz option is missing. Judging from previous experience, 90Hz can achieve a perfect balance between fluency and power consumption control. If there is more such a bit, it will obviously meet the needs of more people.

However, the Redmi K30 Ultra commemorative edition does not support DC dimming for the time being, and it should be solving the color cast problem in DC mode. Of course, it is quite normal for these problems to appear in the early stage of the new machine’s release, and it is estimated that subsequent firmware updates will be solved.

In terms of battery life, 5G and high refresh rate are basically the standard features of current mainstream flagship phones, but they are all power consumers. The battery capacity of the Redmi K30 Extreme Commemorative Edition is 4500mAh, which is a relatively conventional level among 5G mobile phones.

This time we tested its battery life through a continuous online video channel. The screen brightness was set to half (auto brightness turned off), and the WiFi was connected to play the 1080P video of station B. After 1 hour, the power consumption was 11% (70%→59) %); After turning off WiFi and using 5G to connect to the Internet, the power consumption will be 16% (59%→43%) after 1 hour of video playback.

In addition, we also compared the scene of using daily applications, using the automatic screen slider to slide the screen every 5 seconds, and the test time is 30 minutes. In WiFi mode, the power of the Redmi K30 Ultra commemorative version dropped from 19% to 14%, consuming 5% of power; when connected to a 5G network, the power of half an hour dropped from 14% to 8%, consuming 6% of power.

At this point, we can make a rough conclusion about the battery life of the Redmi K30 Ultra: In the non-full 5G scenario, it can be used for a whole day of heavy use. Its fast charge power is still 33W, it can charge 54% in 30 minutes, and it can be fully charged in 70 minutes.

In general, the Redmi K30 Ultra commemorative edition is a flagship product with a high cost performance. It has a good performance in terms of performance, battery life, and screen. Of course, limited by the price, it also has some shortcomings, but it is completely acceptable, considering that only the price of CNY1999 is needed, the Redmi K30 Ultra commemorative edition is already the best on the market.

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