OPPO Reno5 Pro review

OPPO officially released the OPPO Reno5 series on December 10, focusing on thin and light and portrait video shooting. The arrival of thin and light design, video super anti-shake and 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 super flash charge has made users remember the OPPO Reno series well. Judging from the product characteristics of the main craft design and imaging capabilities, the series is undoubtedly aimed at young consumers Market demand of the community.

After the 4th generation of product technology deposition, now a new generation of OPPO Reno5 series has also come out. We also experienced OPPO Reno5 Pro for the first time. The new machine uses a 6.55-inch hyperboloid flexible perforated screen design, is equipped with a Dimensity 1000+ dual-mode 5G chip, the screen supports a 90Hz refresh rate, and the rear 64 million ultra-clear Quad-camera, 65W super flash charging and 173g thin and light design which is rare in 5G mobile phones.

This time, the Reno5 series has further strengthened its ID design and performance on the basis of absorbing the advantages of previous generations, and made some new attempts in imaging.

Brilliant colors + thin design visual and tactile experience polished. Inheriting the thin and light design language of the previous generation, OPPO Reno5 Pro continues to polish the body material and color matching. The star diamond process not only looks more shiny at first glance, but also has a high degree of product recognition.

First of all, the front OPPO Reno5 Pro is equipped with a 6.55-inch hyperboloid flexible perforated screen, the front lens is located on the upper left corner, and the aperture size is also controlled at the mainstream level of the industry. In addition, the new machine screen also supports 90Hz refresh rate and 180Hz high sampling rate, the sliding experience of the system is smooth, and the screen quality is quite good.

Secondly, the back of the new machine adopts a brand-new star diamond technology, which is a pyramid crystal structure, which makes the reflective area of a single crystal larger. Compared with the previous generation, the brightness is increased by 35% and the color is more transparent.

Playing with trendy colors, OPPO is well-known in the industry, and the new phone has new attempts this time. The brand-new Galaxy Dream Colors will present different colors under different angles and light sources. The process layered structure adopted, through the superposition effect of colorful layer, texture layer, and reflective layer, finally realizes a colorful and changeable design.

Trendy design is indeed the feature of the new product, but in fact the feel of the back of the hand is the key to its appeal to me. When 5G mobile phones on the market generally move towards “half a catty”, OPPO Reno5 Pro is equipped with a large 4350mAh battery, the weight is controlled at 173g, and the thickness is only 7.6mm.

OPPO Reno5 Pro uses a smaller chip, optimizes the number of devices, optimizes the fingerprint module, and reduces the area of the motherboard, leaving plenty of room for large batteries. With both super long battery life and thin and light feel, the new machine’s process design obviously has a breakthrough. In short, OPPO boldly experimented with new material design and the design concept of weight reduction and burden reduction is a direction worthy of every mobile phone manufacturer to try.

The rear-mounted 64 million water-light portrait and four-photographs have gone further. The Reno series has focused on “image video” since its birth. From the super video dual anti-shake technology and super night scene video, the genes of the image can be said to be carved in the bones. This time the new machine is equipped with a 64MP main camera + 8MP ultra-wide-angle + 2MP retro portrait + 2MP macro four-camera combination. Not much to say, just upload the proofs.

In this group of outdoor proofs, the night scene pictures taken by OPPO Reno5 Pro performed well. In a complex light environment, the contrast between light and dark is strong, there is no obvious overflow in the highlights, and the color of the sky is relatively pure.

In extremely dark scenes, the image noise control of the main camera imaging is also very appropriate, the texture of the building and the color reproduction are in place, the white balance is accurate, and what you see is what you take.

Ultra wide angle

Looking at most of the mobile phones on the market, the rear image is bound to be an ultra-wide-angle lens. The machine’s 8 million-point ultra-wide-angle lens, the edges of the objects in the photos taken are elongated and enlarged, bringing a kind of tension beauty. The macro landscape shot with super wide-angle is more attractive, and it is a function just needed for friends who like to travel and take pictures.

In addition, the reason why the new machine’s rear is called 6400W water-light portrait four-camera is because it is equipped with an FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system that supports 8-fold 100-level custom beauty adjustment and AI video enhancement. Of course, the 32 million points front lens also supports video super anti-shake and AI customized beauty. Through AI technology, the camera detects the facial feature points of the person, and then realizes the customized beauty of the person.

OPPO Reno5 Pro can AI intelligently recognize information such as race, gender, and age when taking photos. Boys’ beauty strategies will also have special calculations, such as facial skin color and microdermabrasion will not copy girls’ beauty. The original camera does not open the beauty sample, and the pores are rich in details. After the beauty is turned on, the skin tone and skin texture are adjusted accordingly, and the characteristics of boys will not be lost due to excessive beautification. On the other hand, when the third-party manufacturers apply facial beauty, the skin tone and pore details of boys are not optimized.

It is worth mentioning that in the scene of multi-person group photo, the new machine can also do the special beauty. After the original camera is turned on, the quality of the whole picture is improved by a level. The AI ​​super clear calculation makes the image clearer, and the AI ​​calculation Hao has different dimensions of beauty optimization for the facial features and gender of each face. Girls have natural makeup, fairer skin, and boys have darker skin, retaining their original features.

Third-party manufacturers use beauty imaging, the big eyes and thin faces of the characters are too bad, and the original feature points of the young lady are missing, especially the skin color and face shape of boys. They have not distinguished the beauty of girls from the original camera. There is a gap visible to the naked eye. It has to be said that the AI ​​customized beauty imaging of the new machine is more natural and real, and the calculation optimization is more accurate.

The moonlight night scene video carried by the video super night scene is counted, and shooting in a dark light environment can ensure the picture is brighter, purer and clearer. LiveHDR enables the camera to capture more prominent video effects of portraits in backlight environments. AI video enhancement combines the video super night scene and LiveHDR functions into one. When shooting portraits in low light, it is turned on with one button, and the portrait video will be optimized in real time. The portrait faces are brightened and the colors of the entire screen are brighter.

The beauty of OPPO mobile phones is very well-known in the industry. OPPO Reno5 Pro, as a product that focuses on young user groups, has made greater efforts to optimize portraits, relying on AI technology to make night scene portrait video shooting even better. It has to be said that the product is more in place for the needs of its users, catering to the current trend of 5G short video shooting.

More than Dimensity 1000+ processor ColorOS brings a more enjoyable gaming experience. The processor determines the gaming performance and 5G network experience of a 5G mobile phone. OPPO Reno5 Pro is equipped with MediaTek’s dual-mode integrated 5G chip-Dimensity 1000+. With the interactive optimization of the ColorOS 11.1 system, the new machine has not disappointed the performance party in terms of gaming experience.

The measured frame rate of the mobile game “Peace Elite” is stable at around 40 frames
The frame rate of the mobile game “Original God” is stable at about 30 frames

We measured the two mainstream games “Original God” and “Peace Elite”, and monitored their frame rates through GameBench. The frame rate output during the game is very stable. Even the “Original God” which is very mobile-friendly, the frame rate fluctuates. small. With the A77+G77 architecture of Dimensity 1000+ processors, you don’t have to worry about game performance.

In addition, the new machine is equipped with a 90Hz refresh rate +180Hz touch sampling rate screen, which also makes the sliding operation of the game smoother. It is worth mentioning that OPPO Reno5 Pro also passed the 30-month system anti-aging performance test of China Tyre Laboratory, and reached the five-level anti-aging performance requirement. This certification undoubtedly provides protection for mobile phone performance and gives users a good A reassurance pill.

Of course, whether it is a processor or a high refresh rate screen, it is the hardware foundation that supports the gaming experience, and the exclusive optimization at the system level is an important aspect of the added game immersion.

ColorOS 11.1 makes the games with high frequency of use enter the warm boot state through calculation prediction, so that we are one step faster when we open the game; OPPO’s self-developed system-level scheduling optimization engine Hyper Boost is upgraded to 4.0, and its new GPA Technology can predict the load of a single game frame through AI calculations, efficiently schedule system resources, ensure game performance and reduce system load.

In addition, custom adjustments such as game vibration, game barrage, flashback button, and full immersion mode all make the game experience of the new machine more convenient. Not only the gaming experience, ColorOS has undergone multiple versions of repeated calculations, interactive operations and icons are younger, and the new ColorOS 11.1 is developing towards the Internet of Everything, creating a full-scene experience across devices and applications, making the experience even better.

In addition to game performance, many users will be more concerned about the 5G network performance of Dimensity 1000+. In a 5G network environment, using Speedtest, the 5G download rate of OPPO Reno5 Pro is 725Mbps and the uplink rate is 101Mbps.

Speed measurement is like running a game, and the experience depends on the actual results. Use the official app store to download games of about 2G, and the download speed can reach about 50MB/s. Compared with 4G networks, this improvement is obvious.

Although OPPO Reno5 Pro focuses on the video field, its investment in gaming experience also shows its sincerity. Dimensity 1000+ processor, 90Hz high refresh rate and software optimization of the ColorOS11.1 system, etc., the cooperation of software and hardware makes the new machine The experience in gaming and 5G networks is firmly in the mainstream.

The 4350mAh large battery + 65W super flash charge is the current mature solution to the battery life problem. Mobile phone battery life used to be a big problem that plagued users. It was not until the development of super fast charging technology that this problem was slowly solved. Speaking of OPPO, most people think of super flash charging, and super flash charging has gradually become the standard of the Reno series.

OPPO Reno5 Pro supports 65W super flash charging without exception. It can be charged from 1% to 62% in 15 minutes, and it can be fully charged in less than half an hour. With the addition of a large 4350mAh battery, it can fully meet the needs of daily work and audio-visual entertainment. This combination is also the most practical channel for solving battery life problems.

As an important product of OPPO at the end of 2020, Reno5 Pro, the first star diamond technology, exclusive FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology and many other innovations are presented in this product.

What do young people care more about when choosing mobile phones? It is nothing more than design, video, and games. Grasping the psychology of user needs is the first step to win the market. OPPO Reno5 Pro’s radiant body brought by the star diamond craftsmanship, thin and light design and its deep digging in portrait video technology all make it a distinctive 5G mobile phone.

In the highly competitive mobile phone market, there are not many products that can be differentiated and accepted by users. OPPO will apply the experience and technology summarized in the Reno series in recent years to the new generation of OPPO Reno5 series, and use this foundation to make up for the shortcomings, enlarge the design, image and other advantages to meet the actual needs of the younger generation of consumer groups. The OPPO Reno series can continue and open up a major reason for the market.

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