OPPO Reno5 Pro+ officially released: a phone that will change color

OPPO held a new product launch conference online today and officially released OPPO Reno5 Pro+. As a brand new product of the Reno5 series , Reno5 Pro+ is the first to be equipped with the IMX766 sensor jointly developed by OPPO and Sony, which brings more possibilities for portrait video shooting. In addition, OPPO Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition realizes mass production of electrochromic technology for the first time (please see the end of the article for the color change effect!) .

In addition to the previous color matching of Starship into a Dream, Reno5 Pro+ has added a new color matching of floating light and night shadow, and subtle crystal diamond particles will be found under the light mapping. The OPPO Reno5 Pro+ has a body thickness of 7.99mm, a weight of 184g, and a grip width of 74mm. It is very light and thin, with a hyperboloid design on the front and back, and an excellent feel. 

Reno5 Pro+ is equipped with a 32 million points front lens and adopts FDF-based full-dimensional portrait video technology system, which can realize AI radiant beauty video, AI video enhancement, super video anti-shake 3.0, DOL-HDR and other functions.

OPPO Reno5 Pro+

OPPO Reno5 Pro + is equipped with a rear four-camera combination: a 50 million-point IMX766 main camera, a 1600W-point wide-angle lens, a 1300W-point 5x hybrid optical variable telephoto lens, and a 200W-point macro lens. Among them, the flagship sensor IMX766 jointly developed with Sony has a 1/1.56 inch outsole and a single 1.0μm large dot.

In other configurations, OPPO Reno5 Pro+ is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 dual-mode 5G processor, up to 12GB+256GB, 6.5-inch 90Hz refresh rate high-sensing curved screen, equipped with VC three-dimensional liquid cooling system, linear motor, 4500mAh large battery Support 65W super flash charge.

According to reports, OPPO has always had a tradition of custom imaging hardware. From IMX389 to IMX519 to IMX689, OPPO continues to work with Sony to explore innovations in imaging hardware.

This time, Reno5 Pro+ is equipped with the flagship sensor IMX766 jointly developed by OPPO and Sony. It is optimized for the pain points of video shooting in the three scenes of night scenes, backlighting, and sports. It can achieve “no fear of changes in light and shade, and focus continues to lock”.

Among them, Sony IMX766 supports full-point omnidirectional focusing technology, each point is involved in focusing, and the unique 2X2 point structure can focus in both horizontal and vertical directions, making focusing more accurate, faster, and more stereoscopic. The video lock and focus tracking function can detect and recognize human faces, human bodies, pets, flowers and other subjects in real time, automatically prioritize focus tracking, and can memorize feature points of objects for real-time focus lock tracking, and AI motion trend prediction is added It can predict the movement trend of the subject in real time and do focus tracking in advance.

In addition, the Sony IMX766 has a high number of 50 million points and a large sensor area of ​​1/1.56 inches. Compared with the previous generation IMX586, the amount of light has increased by 63.8%. It is calculated in conjunction with OPPO’s self-developed moonlight night scene video. Portrait videos taken in light environments can also be bright and clear.

The first launch is equipped with DOL-HDR (Digital Overlap High Dynamic Range Technology), using a “quasi-simultaneous” pipeline for short and long exposure sampling technology. Compared with Reno4 Pro, the dynamic range is increased by 200%, and the image quality is increased by 200%. OPPOReno5 Pro+ also supports AI radiant video beauty, AI video enhancement and video super anti-shake 3.0, and Reno5 Pro+ also supports flash capture function.

In terms of games, in order to allow users to enjoy the joy of the game more purely, Reno5 Pro+ reshapes the entire game experience. Based on the underlying support of HyperBoost4.0 and excellent hardware capabilities, Reno5 Pro+ starts from the game lightning. When the game starts, the speed of Reno5 Pro+ entering the battle hall is reduced by about 15 seconds compared to Reno4 Pro.

It is understood that the game experience is inseparable from the underlying support of HyperBoost4.0. The newly upgraded game AI frequency modulation scheme: GPA—AI frequency conversion technology, allows the real-time running frequency of the game to be upgraded from “manual mode” to “automatic mode”. It can automatically adapt to a variety of games, making CPU frequency control more granular, and scheduling more accurate and fast. After the GPA-AI frequency conversion technology is turned on, the average temperature of Reno5 Pro+ dropped by 1.2°C and power consumption by 9.8% when playing Peace Elite.

Reno5 Pro+ provides an excellent hardware foundation, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 dual-mode 5G processor, and is also equipped with a high-sensitivity curved screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz and a storage combination of up to 12G+256G, a VC three-dimensional liquid cooling system, and a 65W SuperVooc Super Flash Charge 2.0 and a large dual-cell battery equivalent to 4500mAh.

While having a larger battery capacity, OPPO Reno5 Pro+ continues the Reno series’ thin and light feel and imaginative design. The body thickness is controlled at about 7.99mm and the weight is about 184g. In addition to the color scheme of Starship Dreams, Reno5 Pro+ brings a new color scheme of floating light and night shadow.

In addition, OPPO also teamed up with Los Angeles visual artist Joshua Vides to bring Reno5 Pro+ Artist Limited Edition, which is also the first mass-produced mobile phone equipped with electrochromic technology.

OPPO said that from 2017 to the present, after more than three years of hard work, after overcoming countless technical problems and accumulating more than 100 patents, it has developed a gel-state organic small molecule material as a flexible electrochromic film. The first mass production of electrochromic technology in the mobile phone industry was finally realized. 

It is reported that the thickness of the flexible electrochromic film is only about 0.15mm, and the weight is only about 1.5g, which is a few centimeters thick and a few kilograms of the weight of liquid and solid electrochromic materials.

At the same time, Reno5 Pro+ is equipped with a “dongdong teaser” function. After the two phones are bound, double-click the back cover to change the color of the other’s phone. In terms of color matching, OPPO Reno5 Pro+ has two color combinations, Starry Dream and Floating Night Shadow.

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