OPPO Enco X true wireless noise canceling headphones review

OPPO officially released the OPPO Enco X true wireless headset at the OPPO Smart Life conference on October 19th. This headset has Dynaudio professional tuning, is equipped with a DBEE 3.0 sound system, supports dual active noise reduction, and supports LHDC. ™ Ultra-clear wireless transmission is priced at RMB 999. After the release of the new product, it has aroused heated discussions among many fans. (Please see the official promotional video at the bottom of this article)

OPPO Enco X is another active noise-canceling headset besides OPPO Enco Q1 and OPPO Enco W51. The name “X” and Dynaudio’s logo confirm the positioning of the high-end and flagship TWS headset to which this product belongs.

OPPO Enco X is equipped with three different colors this time, namely nocturne, white song and bamboo rhyme. From the color name alone, OPPO Enco X is very national style.

OPPO Enco X is surrounded by a white packaging shell, with the product name, model number, and related functions and parameters printed on it. After taking out the white packaging shell, it is the headset box.

The packaging box is black as a whole, with a huge “X” logo in the center, and also printed with OPPO and the Nordic high-end Hi-Fi audio brand Dynaudio logo, once again setting the tone of the product. In the technology circle, digital products named after “X” often represent high-end and flagship products.

Compared with W31 and W51, OPPO Enco X’s charging box has also undergone a very big change. First, it adopts the same vertical opening and opening pipe as OPPO Enco Free. The previous W31 and W51 are flat open lids. It is difficult to open the lid with one hand in daily use. The vertical opening is obviously more user-friendly in experience. Secondly, the charging box of OPPO Enco X is also a tribute to OPPO’s first MP3 X3, and inherits the good design genes.

After the appearance of OPPO Enco X was announced, a small partner mentioned Apple’s AirPods Pro. In fact, after comparing the two products, you will find that the design language is very different. The overall shape of OPPO Enco X is more like an oval cobblestone. , The product size is a circle smaller than AirPods Pro, and the volume is more flat.

In some details of the design, OPPO Enco X used a lot of careful thinking to create a unique design beauty of OPPO. For example, the waist of the product is wrapped by a silver metal frame, and the OPPO logo is printed on the top. The only physical button of the product is also located on the left side of the silver metal frame. The pivot position on the back is a very obvious Dynaudio inscription.

This is not the first time OPPO has used a circular metal frame design on its products. If you know OPPO products, you will definitely think of OPPO’s original MP3 X3. This is also OPPO’s tribute and re-engraving of classic design!

OPPO Enco X has a length of 66.3 mm, a width of 49 mm, and a thickness of 21.9 mm. The weight of a single earphone is 4.8g, and the overall weight is 52.5g. The battery capacity of the earphone is 44 mAh, and the battery capacity of the charging box is 535 mAh. According to official data, the earphone is charged with When used in a box, the playback time of noise reduction music can be up to 25 hours when noise reduction is turned off, and 20 hours when noise reduction is enabled.

In the design of the earphone, compared to W31 and W51, it can be clearly perceived that the OPPO Enco X earphone handle is shorter and smaller, and the cavity part is larger. At the same time, the earphone handle is plated with a special diaphragm, the light and shadow effects are smart and elegant, and nocturne The version realizes the colorful black, while the white song version is the colorful white.

In addition to functionality and interactive experience, OPPO Enco X gave me the biggest feeling that the wearing experience has been upgraded in a straight line. Because the author’s ears are more sensitive, I prefer semi-in-ear earphone products when wearing earphones. When I experienced W31 and W51 before, there was more or less a sense of foreign body and blockage, but this feeling was significantly reduced when wearing OPPO Enco X a lot of. If you compare carefully, you will find that the silicone sleeve of OPPO Enco X is softer. On the other hand, perhaps the weight of OPPO Enco X headphones is concentrated in the sound cavity. The innovative ergonomic design brings a lighter and more comfortable wearing experience.

For OPPO, the audio field is also its own business, which is one of the reasons why OPPO headset products are released so frequently. 13 years ago, OPPO developed the DBEE 1.0 dynamic sound effect, and on the current OPPO Enco X, OPPO brought the DBEE 3.0 acoustic system. According to the official information, first, the headset uses the common coaxial dual unit design in speakers, the front superconducting magnetic plane diaphragm high-frequency unit, the rear three-layer composite diaphragm large moving coil mid-low frequency unit, and the dual speakers are in Coaxial.

Secondly, OPPO Enco X uses a superconducting magnetic planar diaphragm unit, a superconducting magnetic micro-amorphous ultra-thin alloy flat diaphragm, suspended in the middle of a double-row parallel magnetic circuit voice coil, and the force directly acts on the flat diaphragm to vibrate up and down synchronously. Greatly improve the high frequency extension. The three-layer composite diaphragm large moving coil unit ensures strong and powerful low-frequency diving. In addition, OPPO Enco X has Tanner tuning blessings. Of course, most users don’t care how powerful your acoustic system is, and more importantly, whether the experience level is significantly improved.

The sound quality performance of OPPO Enco X can be summarized as three-band balance, high resolution, clear user sense of hearing, and rich vocal details. The author is not an audiophile, and the “fungus” for many years is naturally unable to distinguish the difference between “thermal power and nuclear power.” Here I will briefly share the sound quality experience when experiencing OPPO Enco X.

I chose “Mee of Water” by the band Wang Wen. This song is very different from the early songs of Wang Wen. “Mee of Water” uses a lot of synthesizers and electronic effects, occasionally interspersed with “Zizi” The noise creates a sense of emptiness. Of course, this is just my subjective feeling.

When listening to “Mee of Water” through OPPO Enco X, the background sound of drums has always been very obvious, especially the early bass part. After the trumpet at 3 minutes and 57 seconds, the bass and drum sounds approached layer by layer, and the synthesizer’s “zizziness” was particularly clear. Starting at 4 minutes and 56 seconds, all the instruments suddenly sounded, but you can still hear the different sounds of different instruments. OPPO Enco X seems to fold each instrument apart, and then merge them together, and this part is just in case If it is not handled well, it will become a pool of noise.

I’m just an ordinary music lover. OPPO Enco X can fully meet the author’s requirements for sound quality. In fact, OPPO Enco X has indeed achieved the top sound quality performance of the same level.

In addition, OPPO Enco X also supports earphone fit detection and search for OPPO wireless earphones. The latter uses earphones to play sound to confirm the position of the earphones. It is worth mentioning that the volume of the reminder sound will increase from small to large. It’s so big, if you can’t find headphones in a quiet bedroom, this function can still play a role.

OPPO Enco X also supports LHDC™ encoding technology to achieve the effect of enjoying Hi-Res-level sound quality. Currently, OPPO mobile phones that support LHDC™ include Find X2, Find X2 Pro, Reno 4 SE, A72 5G, etc. Other models are waiting Follow-up OTA update support. In addition, OPPO Enco X supports Bluetooth 5.2, dual-channel transmission, with an effective connection range of 10 meters and a transmission delay of 94ms.

The W51 noise reduction capability released by OPPO has been very powerful. Among the noise reduction headphones of the same price, its noise reduction capability can be said to be top. Unfortunately, W51 has only one noise reduction mode. On OPPO Enco X, OPPO finally added strong noise reduction, weak noise reduction, noise reduction off and transparent mode. The official said that the noise reduction depth can reach 35db.

From my subjective experience, OPPO Enco X’s noise reduction effect with strong noise reduction is better than that of W51. The bottom noise is almost imperceptible, and the environmental noise cancellation is very obvious, and the low-frequency noise filtering is also very good. Excellent, more suitable for some MRT, airplane, railway station and other environments.

The weak noise reduction effect is weaker than the strong noise reduction, and can retain some sounds, such as the sound of a mechanical keyboard within a range of two or three meters. OPPO Enco X’s transparent mode also performs well. After turning on this mode, outside sounds can enter the ears and are very clear.

In terms of calls, OPPO Enco X supports three-mic call noise reduction. The official said that even in a noisy outdoor environment, wearing headphones and whispering can make the other party hear clearly.

In terms of interaction, OPPO Enco X supports touch operation, such as double-click, triple-click, long-press, long-press, etc., such as three-click to turn on Breeno voice, double-click to cut the song, and long-press to switch the noise reduction mode, saving It is unnecessary to take out the mobile phone to operate, it is very suitable for some crowded MRT, public transportation and other environments. In the mobile phone, you can also set the corresponding custom function for these actions.

OPPO Enco X has added a new feature to the interaction, which is device switching, long press the headset, OPPO Enco X can switch between the two devices freely, eliminating the cumbersome Bluetooth reconnection.

For example, you are listening to a song on a tablet through OPPO Enco X. When an OPPO phone calls, just press and hold the headset, OPPO Enco X can switch from the tablet to the phone, and then use the headset to answer the phone call. Switching freely in the smart device terminal, low operating cost brings a more efficient experience.

In addition, OPPO Enco X also supports sliding headset volume adjustment, eliminating the trouble of mobile phone tuning.

If you are not an OPPO mobile phone user, but are very tempted by OPPO Enco X, you don’t actually care, because OPPO provides a “Huanlu” App for third-party mobile phone brands, and most of the functions can be implemented in the App.

OPPO Enco X is a very capable true wireless Bluetooth headset product with a sense of design. Like Oppo Smart TV S1 and Smart TV R1, both are tuned by Danner, a high-end Hi-Fi audio brand from Denmark. The sound quality is outstanding, the noise reduction ability is strong, and the wearing experience and delay performance are among the leaders in the same level.

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