Huawei’s Smart Pig Raising and Naniwan plan surfaced/Ren Zhengfei: Huawei can live without mobile phones

Recently, Duan Aiguo, president of Huawei’s machine vision field, broke the news in Wei Toutiao that Huawei’s machine vision has launched a smart pig raising program. The development direction of the aquaculture industry is digital, intelligent and unmanned.

It is understood that this pig raising system provides dashboard monitoring, big data analysis, digital management, and supports AI recognition, AI learning, AI prediction, AI decision-making, etc. It also realizes full-sensing monitoring and robot inspection through standardization and programming. And automatic/remote control. Duan Aiguo said that Huawei’s machine vision should focus on smart pig raising, and the solutions have already been completed. It is necessary to perceive everything with the eye of wisdom, and AI will enable the intelligent upgrade of pig raising.

According to the official WeChat account of e company, Huawei has traces of pig raising. As early as last October at the 2020 Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Digital Intelligence Ecological Development Forum, Huawei published the report “5G Leading Modern Pig Farm AI to Enable Smart Pig Raising”. Huawei believes that future data is the core element of modern pig raising and the core driving force for the intelligent upgrade of pig raising. From the previous “human management” to the “data management” pig farm in the future, AI technology will be used to make more scientific decisions in the process of data management of the pig farm, so as to realize the standardization and proceduralization of pig raising.

Huawei's Smart Pig Raising

Huawei will use ICT technology to help pig farms realize intelligent pig raising, and provide pig farms with sensors, Internet of Things technology and platforms, so that digital pig farms can be restored in reality. The overall architecture of Huawei’s 5G smart pig farm ICT infrastructure solution will also build a modern production system for smart pig farms from the end, the edge, and the cloud, so that scientific epidemic prevention can be smarter and more efficient, unmanned production is more efficient, and AI breeding will help PSY improve ( AI fattening + AI pork quality improvement), comprehensively improve the efficiency of pig raising.

It is worth mentioning that some people broke the news that Huawei’s smart pig breeding program is one of the strategic agreements of the Ministry of Agriculture. In the future, Huawei will use its own technology to develop smart breeding in other fields, bringing new ideas to the breeding industry. Change.

At the unveiling ceremony of the “Smart Mine Innovation Lab” held in Taiyuan, Shanxi on February 9, Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei mentioned Huawei’s “Naniwan” plan for the first time in an interview with the media after the meeting. He said, “More than a year after the US sanctions , I have greater confidence in the survival of Huawei, not less, because we have more means to overcome difficulties. We launched the’Naniwan’ project, the term actually refers to production self-help. For example, we There may be major breakthroughs in coal, steel, music, smart screens, PCs, tablets and other fields. Therefore, we can survive without relying on mobile phones.”

However, Ren Zhengfei emphasized that Huawei will never diversify its development. The coal industry and steel, terminals, and airports have the same basic platform for 5G applications. There are some differences, but most of the technologies are common. Therefore, Huawei is mainly expanding the electronic system and Software computing systems are used in different industries.

Huawei's Smart Pig Raising

It needs to be mentioned that Huawei’s CEO Ren Zhengfei also stated that Huawei hopes to combine ICT technology and coal technology to help the coal industry carry out digital and intelligent transformation, and realize a production model of “fewer people, safety and efficiency” so that coal miners can Work “in a suit and tie”. 

At the same time, the laboratory will also explore directions for the development of global mining intelligence. “In 2020, we will light up a coal mine, a steel plant, and a port. In the next 2-3 years, we hope to light up hundreds of coal mines, steel plants, and ports.”

In the future, relying on the Smart Mine Innovation Laboratory, Huawei and its partners will also make innovative breakthroughs in various aspects such as the “self-cleaning” technology of underground cameras, underground wireless low-frequency transmission, and advance risk prediction technology to realize unattended fixed sites in coal mines, key links Scenes such as robot substitution. Help Shanxi to achieve the goal of reducing the number of people in the intelligent coal mining face by 60%, and reducing the number of people entering the mine in a single shift by 10%-20% in the province’s well workers.

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