Huawei nova8 Pro review

As a Vlog professional phone, Huawei nova8 Pro continues the exquisite design of the previous generation in appearance, bringing a new “8 color” and star ring design; functionally expands the advantages of Vlog video selfies, and the most important front wide-angle The three functions of, super anti-shake, and 3Mic stereo radio have been newly upgraded, plus the front Vlog video dual lens, it can be said that Huawei nova8 Pro has moved forward in making mobile phones a good Vlog video tool. Take a step.

After leading the smart phone to take pictures, Huawei has now promoted Vlog video shooting to a very important position in taking pictures, and the representative is the nova series.

For a long time, the Huawei nova series has been loved by young users, because many mobile phones on the market do not focus on the front lens shooting experience, and this series has achieved multiple breakthroughs in the field of selfies. In addition to the front-facing, Huawei nova series phones also focus on the various shooting functions of the rear and the combination of the front and the rear, and are committed to pushing the Vlog shooting ability to the peak, which has been affirmed by many users.

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This time, Huawei nova8 Pro has made a new breakthrough in the field of Vlog video. The machine is not only equipped with dual front Vlog video cameras, but also surprisingly, it also adds sound zoom, wireless recording, and dual cameras to the front selfie experience. Scene video 2.0 and video story creation mode, front video slow motion, front time-lapse photography, front video blurring and other Vlog supporting functions, make Vlog creation easier, enough for those beauty, food, fashion, etc. Vlogger applauded.

The new experience created by the powerful video recording of the front camera is just the first level of Vlog shooting. In terms of rear camera images, Huawei’s nova8 Pro’s 64-megapixel rear HD main camera, combined with the powerful computing power of Kirin 985 5G SoC, can also bring excellent performance to Vlogger.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei nova8 Pro also has three built-in omnidirectional microphones, which support clear sound pickup within 5m, which is “armed to the teeth” for Vlog.

The so-called “good-looking and self-portrait”, the shape design is also the key point that Huawei nova has always emphasized. This time the Huawei nova8 Pro boldly adopts the combination of “dual film and double plating” and AG anti-glare glass, and the body is as thin as 7.85mm,It makes the round and cornerless body very comfortable to hold. With a 6.72-inch OLED ring screen, it weighs only 184g as a large-screen mobile phone.

Moreover, the 66W Huawei super fast charging technology has also come to Huawei nova8 Pro, contributing to the formation of powerful product capabilities.

Appearance appreciation:Huawei nova8 Pro uses a 6.72-inch FHD ring screen (dual hole) and supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut. The large curvature curved screen has a more advanced visual perception, a wider field of view, and a very comfortable holding experience.

Looking down from the top, you can see that the front and back fuselages of the front and back hyperboloid design of the nova8 Pro are all curved.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei nova8 Pro supports a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, and the fluency is significantly improved, the 440 PPI screen is more delicate, and the color of the 10bit color depth screen is significantly improved.

As early as in the Huawei nova 6 series, we began to explore the “dual-film dual-plating” process-stacking two layers of special color light effect films with multiple nano-level films to create a crystal-like sense of space in the thin back shell . Under different light, the color with a sense of space is reflected.

Huawei nova8 Pro is based on the accumulation of the previous two generations of “dual-film dual-plating” technology, adding the AG anti-glare glass process to provide a frosted grainy texture with a delicate feel, which complements the 3D hyperboloid body.

100° front ultra-wide-angle video lens.Each flagship of Huawei’s nova series has been radically improved on the road of selfies. This choice continues to make a breakthrough from the perspective of the dual-camera system. It is equipped with a 32-megapixel ultra-wide-angle selfie video lens + a 16-megapixel portrait lens to form a dual-camera. Such specifications are rare in the front configuration of conventional mobile phones. It is Huawei nova8 Pro is the first to adopt.

It’s worth noting that compared with other mobile phones, Huawei’s nova8 Pro has an extra front ultra-wide-angle video lens that has a viewing angle of 100°, while a normal person’s two-eye overlap field of view is 124 degrees. It can be said that this ultra-wide-angle lens is in The viewing angle is very close to the perception of the human eye.

The viewing angle of 100° corresponds to the focal length of an ordinary 135 camera at about 16mm, so this lens is a typical ultra-wide-angle lens. Ultra-wide-angle lenses usually have a focal length below 24mm. With a small focal length, the angle of view is very wide. It can capture more elements into the lens and is very suitable for shooting large scenes, such as landscape and architectural themes.

Huawei brought this lens to the front. Obviously, it was not only for taking selfies with large scenes as the background, but also for coping with multi-person selfie Vlog scenes.

This allows us to use the ultra-wide-angle lens to shoot video to capture more scenes, and the face is more small, like the same key to turn on the face-lift mode. Under the ultra-wide angle, whether it is taking photos of tall landmarks or taking selfies with people at a party, you can easily cope with it and get more exciting in the shot.

This function almost perfectly solves the pain points of “incomplete shooting” of young people in Vlog multiplayer co-production. People with mobile phones don’t have to be afraid of becoming “deformed”, and friends next to them don’t have to worry about being unable to get into the lens.

It also leaves a lot of space for gameplay, such as a short video of a concert, a party scene and a group photo with a partner in the same industry, Vlog shows a moving image of yourself and a house… express yourself, show your personality, and let users When recording Vlog, you are not bothered by the size of the phone selfie screen, and record more interesting stories.

The night is a high-frequency scene where young users record Vlog videos, and selfie videos also need to be excellent. When recording a selfie video in a low light environment, Huawei nova8 Pro will automatically turn on the video ring fill light, just like carrying a soft light with you. With the dual-domain joint noise reduction technology based on the Kirin 985 5G platform, the video picture in low light is also clear and pure.

Huawei nova8 Pro supports slow motion in the front video. The limit is 120 fps four times slower video recording. There is a lot of room for gameplay. For example, female users shoot hair swinging, and take photos with the falling snowflakes, petals, and leaves in the same frame, and record clearly. Changes in details slow down time.

The time-lapse photography of the front camera is also a feature of Huawei nova8 Pro. Its limit is to perform quadruple time-lapse photography, compressing the process of several minutes or even hours into a quarter of the time and playing it as a video. The originally slow-changing image recorded by self-photographing is compressed into a short period of time, presenting a strange scene that is usually invisible to the naked eye.

It has considerable practical value. For example, beauty bloggers can use this function to shoot the entire process of makeup, without any need for any post-editing acceleration, to quickly show the gradual formation of makeup.

Huawei nova8 Pro also supports front video blurring, which erases the messy environment behind you. Huawei nova8 series supports front and rear dual scene recording 2.0, which can call two rear cameras or two front and rear cameras at the same time. In addition to the left and right dual window display, it also supports picture-in-picture shooting, eliminating the need for later trouble.

Super anti-shake. The record of all beautiful pictures must have a pair of “iron hands” to help. A little carelessness can cause jitters and blurry pictures. In the past, in order to shoot stable and smooth videos and clear photos with mobile phones, users can be described as doing all they can. However, most of them are solved from the outside, using various tripods, gimbals, and stabilizers. Some of them are bulky, some are expensive, and some have power restrictions, which are not very convenient.

Without the help of external forces, there are currently three anti-shake solutions: EIS electronic image stabilization, OIS optical image stabilization, and AIS smart image stabilization on the mobile phone. The EIS image stabilization is the simplest. The picture is dynamically cropped to make the video picture look more stable. The advantage is that the cost is low, no additional hardware is required, but the effect is average.

OIS anti-shake is specially added a gyroscope to sense the posture change of the lens, and compensate the displacement caused by the hand shake by physically controlling the slightness of the lens. OIS anti-shake does not crop the picture, so the overall effect is better than EIS anti-shake, but the range of anti-shake is limited, generally 1-2°, and OIS can’t suppress the picture shake well under large shaking.

It is obviously impossible to integrate OIS anti-shake in the limited space of the front lens, so Huawei nova8 Pro has installed AIS anti-shake for the front dual camera. This is an anti-shake technology that has emerged in the last two or three years. leading. AIS anti-shake is the integration of AI algorithms in the traditional anti-shake algorithm to estimate the motion of the lens, resulting in a smoother and more accurate pose, thereby achieving better video stabilization.

We know that when a general mobile phone actually shoots a video or previews it, the camera will move with the fuselage. This movement leads to a large difference between the frames captured by the camera, and the visual jitter is very severe.

As shown in the figure above, we use the front lens of Huawei nova8 Pro to record video. When the hand shakes greatly, the subject in the lens always stays in the center of the picture, and there is no “up and down” with the shaking. situation.

It can be seen that the anti-shake effect of Huawei nova8 Pro’s front selfie is very powerful and stable as a chicken. Very suitable for walking, running, skateboarding and other sports scenes encountered during Vlog shooting.

3Mic stereo radio. The benefits of high-quality video with rich angles are obvious, but the problem of video reception is often overlooked, especially when Vlog video shooting often encounters strong outdoor winds or indoor noisy environments.

In order to obtain high-quality sound reception as much as possible, Huawei nova8 Pro has placed three omnidirectional microphones on the top, bottom and back of the phone for sound collection. With the Audio Zoom beamforming algorithm, it can achieve clear sound pickup within 5m, which means that no matter the front and back. Shooting makes voice recording clearer and less noise.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to bring a more extreme sound reception effect, Huawei nova8 Pro supports wireless recording function. For example, we can use FreeBuds Pro Bluetooth wireless headphones for noise reduction recording-it is Huawei’s latest active noise reduction headphones, which can Reduce the background environment noise and help us get the recording effect.

Compared with mobile phone radio, the noise reduction effect and sound quality of Huawei nova8 Pro with FreeBuds Pro are better. There is no need to worry about the distance from the mobile phone to affect the sound level; although the noise reduction of wired headphones is better than mobile phones, but because of the physical “line” limitation, people are The mobile phone must keep a certain distance.

And Huawei nova8 Pro is used with FreeBuds Pro to close the sound, walk Vlog/live broadcast outdoors, or exercise/fitness teaching, and the performance is very good.

Charging endurance: 35 minutes of full blood and fast charge. Since then, there is no endurance anxiety.

Fast charge test:Young people, who are heavy users of mobile phones, are most afraid of sudden power outages, power outages and black screen shutdown. The new Huawei nova8 Pro is equipped with a 66W Huawei super fast charge. In theory, it only takes about half an hour to get a 4000mAh large battery close to full capacity.

The 66W Huawei super fast charging solution of Huawei nova8 Pro adopts Huawei’s self-developed “single core, dual circuit and three electrode” technology. Through the shunt technology of the protection board and the battery cell, it reduces the equivalent impedance and heat consumption of the path, breaking the tradition The technical limitations of the single-cell and dual-cell fast charging solutions enable “two-way charging with one cell”.

In the actual experience, the 66W fast-charged Huawei nova8 Pro took a full 30 minutes to charge the 4000mAh battery from 2% to 96%.

A closer look at the charging process can also reveal that when the battery is low, the charging power of Huawei nova8 Pro is obviously almost full. In just 10 minutes, the battery is charged from 2% to 56%. As the amount of electricity increases, the charging power will gradually decrease. It does not mean that the manufacturer deliberately slows down the charging speed, but that the lithium battery requires this first-rate charging mode, taking into account the charging speed and battery durability.

Play video battery life test: While maintaining a thin and light body, Huawei nova8 Pro sticks to a large battery capacity of 4000mAh. It is measured under the test conditions of 20% volume and 70% brightness. We use online video APP for online video playback, starting from 100% power, after 60 minutes, the remaining power is 92%. Power consumption is only 8%.

Some other experience about Huawei nova8 Pro.

Rear camera image. The rear image capability of Huawei nova8 Pro is also quite reliable-equipped with a four-camera system consisting of a 64 million pixel main camera + 8 million pixel ultra-wide-angle lens + 2 million pixel depth of field lens + 2 million pixel macro lens.

The advantages of the ultra-wide-angle lens are self-explanatory. They can present users with more informative content in a limited viewing space, and the white balance and algorithm adjustment tendencies are somewhat different from those of the main camera, and the whole is relatively close.

With large pixels and advantages, digital zoom imaging is excellent even in night environments.

Main camera shooting
Ultra wide-angle shooting

EMUI 11 experience. Huawei nova8 Pro comes with the brand new EMUI 11. This major version update brings the strongest part of the user perception to the brand new AOD off-screen display design.

As early as EMUI 10, Huawei introduced artistic AOD. This time EMUI 11 is based on the former and enriched again, and the screen-off aesthetics has been further upgraded.

We can see that the AOD off-screen display of EMUI 11 has added imaginative artistic designs such as Mondrian, Memphis, and Contradiction Space. Users can choose the shape combination and color of different master styles according to their needs, and proceed according to their preferences. Match.

Take my personal favorite Mondrian design as an example. In the process of taking photos/picking colors, EMUI 11 will automatically analyze the color of the picture, automatically match the optimal color scheme to the off-screen display, and deconstruct it. The shape of the picture.

At the same time, EMUI 11 also adds dynamic support to some AOD off-screen display designs, and the off-screen display patterns can be moved. EMUI 11 provides the custom function of AOD off-screen display using photos for DIY, and you can freely choose your favorite static images/Gif images/dynamic photos for editing.

In addition, the EMUI 11 carried by Huawei nova8 Pro also supports user input of text content. The system will automatically adapt the layout according to the design style selected by the user, and then display it as an AOD off screen.

In addition to the new AOD, the EMUI 11 carried by Huawei nova8 Pro also provides AI subtitles.

With the help of AI subtitles, the mobile phone can translate audio and video into Chinese in real time, and display them on the screen in the form of subtitles, which has a high practical value. The most typical one is to get the same value when chasing “raw meat” episodes and learning English. Great convenience.

It is worth mentioning that the use of AI subtitles function does not require external video playback, and can directly convert foreign languages in audio and video.

Huawei nova8 Pro is not only a mobile phone, but also a complete set of Vlog equipment. The beauty is still the two points of Huawei nova8 Pro. The [8th color] Huawei nova8 Pro we used to evaluate this unit uses a combination of “dual film and double plating” and AG anti-glare glass. The body is as thin as 7.85mm and the weight is Only 184g, with a 6.72-inch OLED ring screen with a high refresh rate of 120Hz, it has a high-end texture and is very eye-catching.

The 66W fast charge that can fully charge the battery in about 30 minutes allows Huawei nova8 Pro users to cope with battery life anxiety, which is of great practical value.

As a trendy technology brand for young users around the world, Huawei’s nova series is committed to innovative technology, especially in the field of selfies. In the 5G era, selfies have evolved from photos to videos, and Vlog has become a new way of self-expression. Huawei’s nova8 series has the mission of bringing an excellent Vlog video experience, allowing users to create without restriction.

In the actual experience, we found that Huawei nova8 Pro has prepared the three elements of 100° front ultra-wide-angle video lens, super anti-shake, and 3Mic radio for Vlog creation, forming the core foundation of the machine’s Vlog creation ability.

Among them, the front Vlog video dual camera can capture more scenes, and the face is smaller, like the same key to turn on the face-lift mode. Under the ultra-wide angle, whether it is taking photos of tall landmarks or taking selfies with multiple people at parties, it can easily cope with it, which perfectly solves the pain points of “incomplete shooting” of young people in Vlog multiplayer co-shooting.

The adaptation of software functions such as front video slow motion and front time-lapse photography can present strange scenes that are usually invisible with the naked eye. It has considerable practical value and brings more creative game space.

In Vlog recording, all beautiful pictures must be recorded with a pair of “iron hands” to help out. A little carelessness can cause jitters and blurry pictures. Therefore, Huawei nova8 Pro puts AIS anti-shake for the front dual camera, and integrates the AI ​​algorithm into the traditional anti-shake algorithm to estimate the lens movement, and obtains a smoother and more accurate pose, thereby achieving better video stabilization effect.

In addition, the use of Huawei nova8 Pro to shoot Vlog video can also be combined with voice zoom, wireless recording, dual scene video 2.0 and video story creation mode. In order to meet more extreme creative needs, Huawei nova8 Pro even built-in three omnidirectional microphones, with the Audio Focus algorithm, supports clear sound pickup within 5m, and with Freebuds Pro Bluetooth wireless headsets, it can support sound recording in the frequency response range of 20Hz-20KHz , 48KHz sampling rate HD recording.

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