Huawei Mate 40E will be released in March or April: equipped with Kirin 990E

In October last year, Huawei released a Mate 30E Pro with E suffix, equipped with Kirin 990E processor. Now according to the news that Huawei broke the news blogger @鹏鹏君, Huawei Mate 40E may be released in March to April, equipped with Kirin 990E or other 5G processors.

Huawei Mate 40E

According to the news, Mate 40E will be equipped with Kirin 990E or other 5G chips. The appearance is the same as the Mate 40 standard version, and the back is a three-camera module. The official launch time is set for spring, and the possibility is higher in March and April.

Prior to this, Kirin 990E has been used on Mate 30E Pro 5G. Kirin 990E chip uses 7nm + EUV process, integrates about 10.3 billion transistors, adopts Huawei Da Vinci architecture, NPU large core + NPU micro core design, 14 core Mail-G76 GPU, and supports 5G NSA/SA dual-mode full Netcom.

To put it simply, Kirin 990E is the “reduced configuration” version of Kirin 990. The main difference is that the GPU is adjusted from 16-core Mali-G76 to 14-core, dual large core + micro core NPU adjusted to single large core + micro core. TSMC’s 7nm EUV process, 4xA76+4X A55 CPU, etc. remain unchanged.

The current starting price of the Mate 40 standard version is 4999 yuan, and the Mate 30E Pro is 5299 yuan. Mate 40E should be cheaper, and those who are interested may wish to wait and see.

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