Honor’s first model after independence-Ten highlights of Honor V40

After a long period of silence, Honor finally brought its first new machine after independence in 2021—Honor V40. The new machine is equipped with a 6.72-inch curved OLED screen that supports 120Hz refresh rate and 1 billion colors of original color display. Equipped with Dimensity 1000+ chip, 50 million pixel main camera, dual linear motors, dual speakers and 66W wired + 50W wireless dual fast charging, the material used for the whole machine is quite sincere. Below we will analyze from 10 aspects to see how it performs as a whole.

The screen ratio of the 80°Super Curved Waterfall is as high as 93.24%. Under normal circumstances, we can roughly infer its positioning from the design of a mobile phone. The Honor V40 is equipped with a 6.72-inch 80° ultra-curved waterfall screen with a screen-to-body ratio of 93.24%, and the entire visual impact is very strong. Of course, this is also one of the classic designs of the Honor flagship series, with a relatively high degree of recognition.

In addition to the stronger visual impact, the curved screen also has the advantage of making the body thinner and lighter. The thickness of the new machine this time is 8.04mm, and the weight is controlled at 186g. With the micro four-curved surface, the grip feels good. In addition, the new phone has also been processed to prevent accidental touches, ensuring the actual use experience of the curved screen mobile phone.

Honor V40
Honor V40

The splicing of the two processes of double-layer texture coating.

The 80° ultra-curved waterfall screen is the design side of the new phone, and another key factor that affects the appearance of the phone is the material of the body. The material not only determines the color of the fuselage, but also affects the feel.

The material application of mobile phones is generally inseparable from metal, glass, plastic and ceramics, and most mobile phones on the market currently use glass materials. Honor V40 also uses glass material, but it has played new tricks in craftsmanship.

In order to achieve a unique light and shadow effect, Honor V40 uses the first double-layer texture coating to achieve a sharp linear light on one layer and a fuzzy surface light on the other. It also assists seamless splicing and mold transfer processes to make the transition more natural. . The seamless connection of AG process matte glass and high-gloss glass, the collision of the two processes is a bold attempt, which also makes the design of the new machine more unique and novel.

Honor V40
Honor V40

The original color display of 1 billion colors is more delicate.

At present, the importance of the screen quality of mobile phones is no less important than that of the processor. The battlefield of the flagship mobile phone screen competition extends from the resolution and refresh rate. Now the screen color depth has also become an important indicator that affects the screen quality.

Color depth refers to the smoothness of the color transition of the display. The bit value of the screen, such as 8Bit, 10Bit, is actually the “color depth” parameter, which refers to the color level, 8bit means 256 gray scales, and 10bit means 1024 gray scales , The more gray level number means the finer the color and the more uniform color transition.

The Honor V40 screen supports 1 billion primary colors, and each color point of the 10bit screen can display 2 to the 10th power color depth. Compared with 8bit, the color transition of the 10bit screen will be smoother, and the color reproduction is more accurate. . In addition, the screen of the new machine also supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and the color reduction engine automatically recognizes DCI-P3 or sRGB film sources, making the reproduction more realistic.

Not only that, Honor V40 is the first model in the industry to support TüV Rheinland’s global eye protection certification 2.0. The original color display will perceive changes in the color temperature and intensity of the ambient light through the color temperature and light sensor, so as to perform dynamic color compensation and delicate Brightness adjustment (4096-level hardware dimming) makes it more comfortable for people to watch the screen.

Honor V40

Dimensity 1000+ chip GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine optimizes performance scheduling. The processor is the foundation that supports all operations. This time the new machine is equipped with Dimensity 1000+ chips, 7nm process technology, 8-core architecture, 4 2.6GHz Cortex-A77 cores and 4 2.0GHz Cortex-A55 small cores , Graphics processor, built-in 9-core Mali-G77, compared to G67, graphics performance increased by 40%.

Honor V40

For the same chip, the tuning of each manufacturer is not the same. Honor V40 is deeply optimized at the software level for the characteristics of the chip. The GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine realizes the coordination of software and hardware to improve graphics computing capabilities. It allows computing resources to be given priority to the CPU. /GPU resource exchange, AI will automatically perceive the game scene, control graphics rendering load and resource supply, so that high frame rate games are stable without frame drop, which can be called the “accelerator” of high frame rate games.

The 120Hz refresh rate meets the high frame gaming experience.

The processor and system optimization, both hardware and software can ensure the smoothness of daily operation and game playing. But to obtain a high frame rate gaming experience, it is inseparable from the support of a high refresh rate screen.

Honor V40
The measured frame rate of  ” Cross Fire” is stable at 120 frames
Honor V40
The measured frame rate of “Peace Elite” is stable at around 90 frames (break the frame rate limit)

The Honor V40 screen supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz. Compared with a 60Hz or 90Hz refresh rate screen, a higher refresh rate can display more pictures at the same time, so that the higher the frame rate, the smoother the animation display. The high refresh rate screen can make the phone’s system interaction, sliding operation and game playing smoother.

Honor V40
The combination of high refresh rate and high sampling rate makes the lens more consistent (left: Honor V40, right: 60Hz refresh rate model)

We tried games such as “Crossing the Line of Fire” and “Peace Elite”, and the frame rates were all able to stabilize at about full frame, while the whole frame rate curve was stable without significant fluctuations. It can be said that the Honor V40 can deal with the same level of “Honor of Kings” games without a problem.

5G performance is the killer feature of large game downloads in seconds. Dimensity 1000+ processor and 120Hz high refresh rate screen make the game performance of the new machine very good. Thanks to Honor’s background in 5G communication technology, the new machine’s 5G performance is even better than games.

We use Speedtest in a 5G network environment. The 5G download rate of Honor V40 is 930Mbps, and the upload rate reaches 90.5Mbps. This result basically reaches the ceiling of 5G mobile phone speed measurement.

Of course, we also measured the download speed of the software. Download the mobile game “Tianyu” from the official app store. The game installation package is close to 2G in size, and the download is completed in 23 seconds, which is very fast.

Honor V40 5G

Dual linear motors + dual speakers have a more immersive gaming experience.

Hardware such as processors and screens can provide basic guarantees for games, but if you want a more immersive gaming experience, you cannot do without the assistance of other hardware. In particular, it is necessary to point out the importance of linear motors and speakers for the upgrade of the game’s tactile and auditory sensory experience.

dual linear motors
dual linear motors

When playing games, the vibration feedback from the mobile phone can also enhance the sense of substitution of the game. The vibration of the linear motor is simple and neat, and the impact of the skill release after adapting to the game is stronger. This time, Honor V40 is equipped with Z-axis + X-axis dual linear motors, with stronger vibration feedback. The 4D vibration function is currently adapted to Happy Xiaoxiaole, New World of Gods and Demons, King of Glory, New Swordsman, and more games are continuing to be adapted.

Honor V40
dual speakers

In addition, the new machine is also equipped with full-band large-amplitude stereo dual speakers. When playing “chicken-eating” games, you can listen to the sound and determine the position, and respond in time by distinguishing the other’s footsteps. Dual linear motors and dual stereo speakers are added to make the gaming experience more immersive.

The 50-megapixel super-sensitive main camera meets the needs of all scenes and full time shooting. It can be called a qualified flagship if it satisfies the whole scene and full time shooting. The Honor V40 is equipped with a three-shot combination of a 50 million pixel super-sensitive camera + 8 million ultra wide-angle camera + 2 million macro camera. Outsole sensor + RYYB super-sensitive color arrangement, the actual imaging performance is remarkable.

The Honor V40 is equipped with a 1/1.56 inch flagship super large sensor, which is 25% larger than the 1/1.7 inch area of ​​the Honor V30 Pro. In addition, the RYYB ultra-sensitive sensor can also increase the amount of light by 40% compared with the ordinary sensor, which further improves the imaging effect of the Honor V40 in the dark environment.

In the photos taken by the 8 million ultra-wide-angle camera, the edge objects are elongated and enlarged, and the macro landscape under the lens is also more attractive. At different times of day and night, the new camera’s imaging system can handle it, and it is not a problem to meet users’ daily shooting needs.

Honor V40
Day proof
Honor V40
Dark light proofs
Honor V40
Super wide-angle proofs

66W wired +50W wireless dual fast charge.

High-frame games and 5G are big power consumers, and battery life is the basis for ensuring all experiences. The Honor V40 is equipped with a 66W wired super fast charge + 50W wireless super fast charge, and a built-in 4000mAh battery. The super fast charge is equipped with a large battery. It is also the main method for current mobile phone manufacturers to solve the battery life problem.

According to actual measurement, 66W fast charge can be charged from 0% to 46% in 15 minutes, and it can be charged to 89% in 30 minutes. The charging speed is very fast. In addition, the 4000mAh battery can be charged once a day for moderate use. If it is a heavy gamer, it may need to be charged twice a day.

Honor V40
Honor V40

Magic UI system experience is more intelligent.

The humanized interaction of the mobile phone system can greatly facilitate users’ daily operations. In addition to GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine and other technologies, Magic UI also has many thoughtful functions, such as smart multi-window, personalized AOD, multi-screen collaboration and so on .

Honor V40
Honor V40
Honor V40

In addition, the game assistant can implement many quick operations. After sliding down and calling out, you can turn on DND, screen recording and other operations. Especially for specific games, the options are also different, and the display enhancement and 4D vibration will have a corresponding match. In addition, the right side of the game assistant can open WeChat and Facebook Messenger small windows to chat, so you don’t have to worry about interrupting the game process.

Write at the end. As Honor’s first model after independence, Honor V40 can be said to have played a role in connecting the past and the next. The new machine did not completely abandon the previous design style, and at the same time brought new experience in terms of process design, screen quality and high-frame gaming experience.

The stacking of the whole machine has made a breakthrough on the basis of balance. It is a sincere work that Honor can show in the face of the current special market environment. The new process color contrast design, 120Hz refresh rate, 1 billion colors of original color display, 5000 Megapixel main camera, dual linear motors, dual speakers, and 66W wired + 50W wireless dual fast charging, all configurations can’t pick up obvious shortcomings. At the same time, it is still in this price range, with a trendy appearance and high frame games. Highlights. Of course, the new machine still has a lot of room for optimization (software level), and we can look forward to its next performance.

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