Honor V40 Reviews: 1 billion color waterfall screen, GTX engine to play games faster

At the beginning of 2021, everything is thriving, and a gorgeous prologue is gradually opening its curtain. In this new era, there are always an endless stream of new stars, whether they are the main force alone or the all-rounder, they are constantly bringing high-quality experiences to us. Products with a comprehensive, balanced, and excellent experience, of course, also include a brand-new breakthrough that we will take you to explore together- Honor V40 .

As the first product of Xinsheng Honor , Honor V40 not only carries hundreds of days and nights of Honor people’s unremitting struggle, but also the expectations of fans and users. On January 22, 2021, Honor V40 officially debuted. What kind of product is this? Next, let us uncover its mystery step by step for everyone.

Whenever you mention a mobile phone, its design will always be reflected in people’s minds for the first time. The rapid development of mobile phones into 2021 can be said to be maturing. Major mobile phone manufacturers once made a lot of fanfare in design. “It seems that there are no tricks available until now. It is becoming more and more difficult to differentiate the appearance design of mobile phones, especially on the back of the fuselage. Designers often get caught up in changes in the arrangement of camera modules, changes in decoration, and the color of the back shell. And the adjustment of materials, such a uniform design not only makes us tired, but also makes good products easy to be buried.

This time the Honor V40 started from a new perspective, pushing the exterior ID design to a high-end atmospheric style that was at odds with the previous youth trend, and officially moved the product to the high-end flagship route. On this basis, Honor V40 has launched three color combinations, namely Magic Night Black, Titanium Silver, Rose Gold, more mature color selection and matching, and also let the Honor V40 atmosphere emerge. In addition to ID design, Honor V40 inherited the breakthrough design ideas of previous generations of V series models, and continued to inject pioneer design concepts into the industry.

So, how does Honor V40 carry out design innovations on the back of the fuselage? We can see that there are multiple rectangles of 1:3.9:2.7 ratio in Honor V40, and the difference in the refraction of different ambient light causes a gap in visual perception. At this time, the rational rectangular space and the change of perceptual color will not cause conflict, but harmony The integration of ground and unity together conveys a logical beauty of redefining order to users.

The exploration and pursuit of light and shadow perception on the Honor V40 cannot be achieved without the continuous innovation of the new machine manufacturing process by the Honor team. This time the Honor V40 adopts the industry’s innovative double-layer texture coating to achieve different textures in different rectangles of the fuselage: sharp linear light and fuzzy planar light complement each other. In order to make the two harmoniously co-exist in the same dimension, Honor V40 uses seamless splicing and mold transfer technology to process the transition between different rectangles to make it visually more natural and beautiful.

In terms of materials, the AG process matte glass and high-gloss glass collide fiercely and coexist harmoniously. With the addition of an 80° super-curved screen, and the overall body control at a thickness of 8.04mm and a weight of 186g, the Honor V40 is held in the hand. Both the front and the back balance the beautiful experience of vision and touch. All these, whether it is the breakthrough imagination of aesthetics, the highest pursuit of craftsmanship, and the ultimate exploration of materials, all reflect the continuous breakthrough and progress of Honor in the manufacturing process. From this, we can also believe that Honor will bring us more exciting products on the road to high-end design in the future.

Screen: 1 billion colors, from V40 super-sensing screen

To test the overall strength of a mobile phone, how can we not mention the screen quality? The screen quality of Honor V40 is hard power, and the parameters can be seen: the resolution of 1236×2676 reaches the first-class level in the industry, the screen PPI is as high as 440, the global peak brightness is 800 nits, and the contrast ratio: 5000000:1. It supports 4096-level dimming, and the brightness adjustment is smoother and smoother. The 6.72-inch 1 billion-color retina super-sensing screen equipped with the Honor V40 basically meets all the requirements for an excellent screen in our hearts.

Honor V40 supports 10 bit (8+2bit) 1 billion color original color display in color, DCI-P3 wide color gamut, the richer the color display, the more true the restoration details. The color restoration engine can automatically identify P3 and sRGB sources, accurately restore the source colors, and achieve comprehensive management of display colors.

In order to ensure that each Honor V40 has the same accurate color performance and true color reproduction, each Honor V40 screen is calibrated for production line color temperature before leaving the factory to satisfy the user’s visual sensory experience.

As users spend more and more time using their mobile phones daily, and the screen quality of mobile phones pays more attention to the display effect, various manufacturers have also begun to work hard on the key issue of eye protection. The Honor V40 has obtained TÜV Rheinland’s global eye protection certification 2.0. It is not easy for users to look at the eyes for a long time. The original color display has to be mentioned. Under different light conditions, the Honor V40 adopts professional color temperature sensors and ambient light sensors. , Real-time feeling of the ambient light, cold and warm, light and dark changes, dynamically adjust the screen color temperature and brightness, and keep the screen picture in line with the surrounding ambient light conditions, the user’s eyes are more comfortable when watching the Honor V40 screen. Coupled with low blue light and natural color mode, it also brings better eye protection.

Performance: Go all out, GPU Trubo X escorts smooth play

In terms of performance, the Honor V40 uses the Dimensity 1000+ flagship chip. It shines on other models and has been better tuned on the Honor V40. Needless to say about the hardware of this chip, the 7nm process technology, The Cortex-A77 4-core CPU architecture has improved performance by 20% compared to the previous generation. In terms of GPU, Dimensity 1000Plus built-in 9-core Mali-G77, compared to G67, the picture performance has increased by 40%.

The Honor V40 is also equipped with a GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine. Simply put, it can improve the picture quality and performance of the phone while reducing energy consumption, bringing a better gaming experience. During the evaluation process, it coincided that the Honor of Kings ushered in a major version update, and the image quality and special effects ushered in a major update compared to the previous ones. We also struck the iron while it was hot and conducted a number of performance tests with the Honor V40.

Let’s talk about the data first. The following three frame rate graphs are the real-time frame rate changes recorded by the performance dog when we use the Honor V40 to play the 60-frame, 40-frame, and 90-frame games of the Honor of Kings:

It can be seen that in the high-definition 60-frame mode, the frame rate of the test of the glory of the king can be stably maintained at about 60 frames, and the whole game does not appear to be stuck or obvious frame drop; then the peace elite 40 frames and In the 90-frame (cracked) game test, the Honor V40 can run perfectly without pressure in the 40-frame mode. After unlocking the 90-frame mode through some mysterious operations, the frame rate can be relatively stable around 89 frames, and there is no obvious during the game. Drop frame situation.

Preconceived we can find that Honor’s excellent optimization of the gaming experience on the flagship product of V40 is evident.

Honor V40
King of Glory (60 frames) frame rate test chart
Honor V40
Peace Elite (40 frames) frame rate test chart
Honor V40
90 frames (cracked) Peace Elite frame rate test chart
Honor V40

And the 1 billion color super-sensing screen on the Honor V40 brings not only the ultimate visual perception, but also an adaptive 120Hz sampling rate. In FPS games such as Peace Elite, the sampling rate can be increased to 300HZ, and the control is smoother and silky. Whether it is screen rotation or sniper cutting, it can be more smooth and accurate.

The Honor V40 has a built-in super-sensing touch engine to respond to touch from the chip level, faster response speed, licking airdrops, jumping walls, instant snipes and other difficult actions, can ensure you faster. Another point is that the Honor V40 has optimized the wrong touch of the curved screen. Whether it is typing communication or viewing a map, it can effectively prevent the system from recognizing gestures and bring a better experience.

In the update of Honor of Kings, many players encountered a situation where the update to 45% was stuck, but the Honor V40 did not encounter such a situation in the real-time update. After opening the game, pull down to see the optimization options. Of course, users can also directly adjust and optimize the game space to start the game in seconds.

Honor V40
Honor V40

For the optimization of the game, the Honor V40 has made a number of adjustments and improvements. Players can turn on the Hunter Boost engine with one click, the system automatically optimizes the memory, and turns on the Do Not Disturb mode, bringing a more immersive gaming experience, which is inevitable during the game. When it comes to encounters or large-scale team battles, the beating news will often obscure the line of sight. I personally think it is a more practical function to turn on the shielding with one button. The news can not be returned, but the team fight cannot be lost.

In addition, Honor V40 also supports three different display enhancement modes, which are adjusted for different games. From the sample image, the saturation, brightness, and contrast have been adjusted to some extent, and the look and feel of the game screen has been improved. Good promotion. Although other models with this function are more advanced, most of them are optimized across the board, providing users with options that can be adjusted in a targeted manner. This setting is really intimate.

Three-dimensional double lift + 4D vibration, my personal favorite game combination boxing, there is no one. Not to mention the full-band and large-amplitude stereo dual speakers of the Honor V40 can bring an excellent video viewing experience. It can more sensitively capture the enemy’s movement when playing games (especially FPS games), although the enemy is close when it is small on the map. The map will give hints, but it is really hard to notice. With dual speakers, you can better listen to the voice and distinguish your position, which greatly improves the chance of eating chicken. The vibration of 4D games benefits from the Z-axis + X-axis dual linear motors of the Honor V40. In the actual experience, the independent vibration curves of the left and right motors bring a real sense of shock, and the immersive experience has been better improved.

Honor V40
Display enhancement
Honor V40
Three-dimensional double lift + 4D vibration

In terms of battery life, the solution given by Honor V40 is 4000 mAh plus 66W wired fast charging/50W wireless super fast charging. In the charging scheme, a single-cell three-pole fast charging scheme is adopted. The battery shunt technology can reduce the number of batteries. Heating can also avoid the loss of battery capacity. Compared with dual-cell batteries, the sacrifice of battery glory is small and the battery life is longer. The actual test charge reaches 60% in 17 minutes, and it takes 40 minutes to fully charge. The excellent battery life also guarantees the improvement of the mobile phone experience. There is no worries about playing games or watching TV shows.

Honor V40

Image: 50 million pixel all-around super-sensing image experience

Honor V40, as a new machine with comprehensive strength reaching the flagship level, has excellent image effects. The rear three cameras are a 50MP super-sensitive main camera, an 8MP super wide-angle camera and a 2MP macro camera, equipped with a laser focus sensor, and a 16MP camera at the front, which can meet the user’s multi-scene shooting needs.

Honor V40
Main photo proof
Honor V40
Wide-angle proofs

From the shooting effect of the sample, it can be seen that the performance during the day is of course easy to deal with, so this time we mainly put the image test of the Honor V40 at night. The 50MP super-sensitive main camera uses a large 1/1.56 inch sensor in a dark light environment. The bottom advantage is shown. Coupled with the RYYB super-sensitive color arrangement, the light input is increased by 40% compared with ordinary sensors. For specific performance, let’s look at the night scene sample.

Honor V40
Honor V40
Honor V40

The lighting conditions of the scenes shot at night are still relatively dark, but we can see that the imaging effect obtained by the Honor V40 is excellent, the picture has enough brightness, and the picture noise can be well controlled, and the purity is also guaranteed.

System: Magic UI is silky and smooth, providing super smart experience. In terms of systems, the Honor V40 is equipped with Magic UI 4.0, and this system, like the Honor V40, has been injected with new vitality at the beginning of 2021.

This time, Magic UI 4.0 has been refined and refined on the basis of the previous generation in style design. It has added lighter processing to some icons and transition effects. The sliding is smoother and the transition is more natural. Optimized to improve the operating experience.

In addition to the optimization of dynamic effects and system-level UI, Magic UI 4.0 also introduced many new features and enhancements in the smart experience. Among them, the smart AOD function that we like most is the smart AOD function. In the new smart AOD, we can Choose from a variety of personalized pictures, and in addition to setting a personalized signature, you can also use the Live photo and Gif we shot as the AOD display interface of the Honor V40.

At the same time, within Magic UI 4.0, the presence of smart multi-tasking functions has also been greatly improved. With the blessing of the smart multi-window function of Honor V40, we use mobile phones to process office tasks and multi-threaded collaborative work. Be able to be our good assistant to “two-pronged”. The upper and lower dual task windows can freely adjust the area size, and they can be hidden at the edge of the screen when they are not needed temporarily, so that both efficiency and interface aesthetics are taken into consideration.

In our daily use, some video content does not have subtitles display, and some texts are inconvenient to translate. At this time, the real-time subtitles and AI translation functions in Magic UI 4.0 are particularly important. It can display video subtitles in real time for us, and We select a paragraph of text in the webpage to help us translate it in real time. The addition of these two functions has injected the soul of our convenient Internet surfing into Magic UI 4.0.

AI always translate
AI translation
AI translation
AI translation

Finally, Magic UI 4.0 on Honor V40 has greatly enhanced the protection of privacy and security. Anti-tracking, clearing of photo information, and deeper restrictions on application permissions, etc., all provide us with a system level of personal information security when using Honor V40. Protective shield. In the continuous optimization and development, Magic UI is gradually improved and enriched, so that we can feel its multi-faceted care when using Magic UI.

Summary: A broken game, an all-around super-sense experience. Bold innovation in appearance, steady progress in performance, smooth and delicate 10-bit screen, comfortable dual super fast charging, etc., are all the comprehensive experience that Honor V40 brings us. Although there are tens of millions of people, I am going, Honor V40 is the first year of Honor, and its appearance also indicates the determination of Honor. Even if powerful enemies are around, Honor will continue to output its high-end positioning and comprehensive excellence in the future. Products and work hard.

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