Exposure to the full popularity of Huawei mobile phones Harmony OS: all new and old models are upgraded

Huawei has greatly improved the performance of the Harmony OS system and continuously improved many functions of the system. After EMUI, the Harmony OS may completely replace the former. According to reliable sources recently, Huawei mobile phones have begun to turn to the Harmony OS. EMUI has stopped major version upgrades.

Previously, Huawei had actually planned the latest EMUI 11.1, but the kernel has been completely replaced by Harmony OS, but this is just a transition. Recently, Huawei has turned all its energy to Hongmeng.

Huawei will go all out to upgrade existing users. The Mate 20 series, Mate X, Honor 20  /V20 series, and tablet M6 series announced at the beginning of the year will be upgraded to Harmony OS directly.

The upgrade of Harmony OS will cover Huawei, Honor models and users to the greatest extent, but the specific coverage models and upgrade time have not been finalized yet, but from the current situation, it should be this year, and tonight Huawei will also launch the latest folding screen phone Huawei Mate X2 . Whether it will use Harmony OS or not will it be announced after the press conference tonight.

news source:https://www.eoydo.com/archives/2298.html

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