OPPO Enco X true wireless noise canceling headphones review

OPPO Enco X is another active noise canceling headset besides OPPO Enco Q1 and OPPO Enco W51. The name of “X” and Dynaudio’s logo confirm the positioning of the high-end and flagship TWS headset to which this product belongs. OPPO Enco X has a length of 66.3 mm, a width of 49 mm, and a thickness of 21.9 mm. The weight of a single earphone is 4.8g, and the overall weight is 52.5g. The earphone battery capacity is 44 mAh, and the charging box battery capacity is 535 mAh. The playback time can reach 25 hours.

Huawei WATCH FIT review

Huawei WATCH FIT is also an absolute flagship in terms of functional configuration. There are many health functions such as blood oxygen monitoring, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and pressure monitoring, and it has even been further upgraded to support continuous blood oxygen monitoring around the clock, making the function of blood oxygen saturation more convenient and practical. The independent GPS makes Huawei WATCH FIT got rid of the shackles of mobile phones. There are as many as 96 sports modes, which can ensure that the auxiliary recording function can be turned on for most sports; the 12 kinds of animation fitness courses that come with it are a highlight, which is very suitable for ordinary users to follow the learning.